Saving the illuminated signs of Budapest

Saving Budapest’s iconic neon lights: this is the goal of a petition that has already received the support of a thousand Hungarians. These illuminated signs and advertisements once dominated the streets of the capital, but most of them have since disappeared, and those that are still there are in poor condition.

They_ are truly valuable, and there are a lot of interesting stories behind them. How they were made, what messages they send, and who made them. I think they deserve to be preserved, and we should talk about these stories “_ explains Luca Patkós, who started the petition.

Neon signs began to appear in all the streets of Budapest from 1969. Communist rulers then wanted the city to shine like Paris. Thousands of lights were then installed.

If the neons don’t end up in a private collection or in a landfill, we’ll be happy. We could open a museum, as Warsaw and Vienna did. And there is another good solution. If there is an unwanted neon, someone else could take it and display it somewhere else“says Tamás Racskó, he also started the petition.

Thanks to the work of this collective, some lighting has already been saved or renovated. Today, there are only a handful left.

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