Here’s how to watch PlayStation Showcase 2021

Just under a year since the last major PlayStation 5 gaming exhibition, PlayStation is back with another.

Appropriately titled “PlayStation Showcase 2021,” the event will take place today, September 9, at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET.

In a blog post, PlayStation said it will run for about 40 minutes and “will include updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the most imaginative developers in the industry, for games launching this holiday and beyond.” Also note that PlayStation says you should “stick around after the show to get more updates from some of the studio gear featured in the Showcase.”

However, the next-gen PlayStation VR headset will not be included.

In terms of how to tune in, your options are pretty straightforward: PlayStation Youtube and Twitch channels, as well as your website. If you can’t tune in to the full show, PlayStation Social media Channels are also often a good way to get quick and concise updates.

As for what to expect, we have a bigger breakdown here if you’re interested. The TL version; DR, however, is that some of what you might see includes the untitled title God of War continuation, West horizon forbidden and a new infamous on the front of the first part, while the third part may be represented by Square Enix Forgotten me Final Fantasy XVI, From Bethesda Ghostwire: Tokyo and Warner Bros. ‘ Hogwarts legacy.

What are you waiting to see? Let us know in the comments.

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