Sant Jordi 2022: the last signature of Santiago Lorenzo before ‘Tostonazo’

What mysterious force has led to santiago lorenzo (Portugalete, 1964) to leave his Segovian district of less than 30 inhabitants to face the elements and the crowds of Barcelona’s Sant Jordi when his last published book –the best seller ‘The Disgusting’; 22 editions and more than 150,000 copies dispatched– is it from 2018? “Well, it’s an excuse to get out of town & rdquor ;, she comments with a half smile and twinkling eyes.

This is the second Sant Jordi de Lorenzo. In the first, in 2019, when the author began to surf the wave of the surprising success of ‘Los asquerosos’, it also rained first thing in the morning. “But nothing to do with this & rdquor ;, he points out looking at a sky about to collapse for the third time so far this day. That April 23, he confesses, ended with that mixture of enthusiasm and stupefaction that overwhelms first-timers and “the sore hand & rdquor; so much signing. This time, weather aside, things are much calmer. But you better start exercising your hand, because next year you will have something new under your arm: a novel, the fifth, whose manuscript will be delivered today by its publisher, Jan Martí of Blackie Books, and that It is titled ‘Tostonazo’. “I still need to give it some spin, but at last I begin to see the book as an independent being & rdquor ;, says the author.

The expected publication date is the first week of October. After almost four years orphaned by a new Lorenzo, there is a desire. Millions of wishes

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