Rufián’s threat to Sánchez: “If the Table with Catalonia fails, PP and Vox will enter Moncloa”

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Gabriel Ruffian has greeted the President of the Government with retint: “Good morning.” After the smile, he reaffirmed the opposition of Esquerra Republicana to the expansion of El Prat due to its environmental impact, but the key message was launched at the end: “If the table with Catalonia fails, PP and Vox will enter Moncloa.”

Pedro Sanchez he has intentionally ignored the threat from Rufián. In his reply, lasting several minutes, he did not even mention the Table with Catalonia, which will be held this afternoon in Barcelona.

“If the table fails, it will not only disappoint the independence movement. The Spanish left will also disappoint. And if they disappoint, PP and Vox will enter Moncloa. It will go bad for all of us.” Those have been the words chosen by Rufián.

On the El Prat issue, although also in clear reference to the Mesa, the Esquerra Republicana spokesman added: “A negotiation is not a gift, nor is it a surrender. We will always be willing to negotiate.”

Sánchez has devoted all his time to highlighting the presumed benefits of the investment in El Prat: “It is a great investment. It would be good for Barcelona and Catalonia. This Government of course is going to respect European directives and any parameter that has to do with the environmental impact “.

Among all his words, there is only one phrase that can be rescued as a veiled allusion to the Mesa of this Wednesday: “I infer that we are all divided except for the Government of Catalonia, Mr. Rufián.”

He has said it about El Prat, which has split the Government of Spain in two –We can oppose it–, but also the Government. And that division mentioned by Sánchez eats away at the Catalan Executive especially in relation to the Table.

When Junts had to choose his envoys to the Table, he opted for the pardoned, who are not part of the Government. That not only upset Moncloa, who could not accept the photo of Sánchez with those recently released from prison, but also the president of the Generalitat. “It is a table between governments,” said Aragonès himself.

With the presence of those pardoned – ERC conceives – the atmosphere of a bilateral summit between “countries” that Rufián’s people like so much would be broken. As long as the division in the independence movement continues, Sánchez will rub his hands.

Those strong discrepancies between Junts and ERC crystallized in the hit of the Diada, which had its worst participation in the last ten years. The abyss between one and the other allows Sánchez to throw the ball forward and avoid negotiation on specific issues.

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