Rolling locks slow down traffic along 401

Ontario Provincial Police have been monitoring an ongoing blockade along Westbound 401, which began this morning from the Akwesasne / Cornwall area and has slowed traffic on the way to Tyendinaga.

More recent Eastern OPP Region, which has been updating the deceleration, said vehicles had pulled off the 401 freeway and it was clear, but the deceleration continued on the 49 freeway – Marysville Road.

The Akwenase slowdown at 7am, and passed the Kingston area around 11am on Wednesday morning.

The ongoing lockdown, one of at least three today, caused delays for unsuspecting travelers, but no other consequences associated with the slowdown have been reported.

Several vehicles blocked traffic on both lanes of the westbound highway, in another show of solidarity with the people of Wet’suwet’en and a protest rally against the RCMP action at the Gidimt’en checkpoint.

The ongoing lockdown was one of several planned in Ontario today.

On Monday, a Facebook group called Credible Mohawk Entertainment, which says it offers “informational and educational programming and support to help people decolonize and free their minds and lives,” shared details of three planned slowdowns, with adjacent lockouts taking place from Six Nations to Tyendinaga and from Hamilton to Brantford.

A comment on the post also suggested that there would also be one that would start at Kahnawake in Quebec.

The participants in the rolling lock had to display flags in their cars, turn on the hazard lights and travel between 40 and 45 km / h in a group.

The post also noted that if any emergency vehicles were to come, the vehicles had to move to the side in a single file until they passed.

The ongoing blockades join a series of demonstrations across the country in solidarity with the people of Wet’suwet’en and their fight to protect the land against the expansion of the pipelines.

Last week, the RCMP moved into the territory and made several arrests, including two journalists who documented the confrontation.

Kingston saw its own rally on Sunday, with protesters blocking access to the LaSalle Causeway for nearly an hour before dispersing without arrests.

A gathering point for protesters and supporters heading to Tyendinaga was expected to be Pow Wow Park in Tyendinaga Mohawk territory.

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