• These are three new streets that are being built in Alhuey, Angostura and Guamúchil, where more than 15 million pesos are invested

Guamúchil, Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa, April 22, 2022.- During a work tour of the Évora region, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya launched the paving of new roads, the first of them in Alhuey, Angostura, and two more in the city of Guamúchil, which total an investment of 15 million 165 thousand pesos of state resources, in favor of both City Councils, both Angostura and Salvador Alvarado.

As a first activity, the state president arrived at the Alhuey syndicate, where he was received by the municipal president of Angostura, Miguel Ángel Angulo Acosta, to give the flag for the start of the paving of 5 de Mayo street, which is a continuation 300 meters long, a road that will be completely paved with hydraulic concrete up to where it meets the agricultural drain.

“We are not going to stop until it reaches the lateral, as Mrs. Lupita requested,” Governor Rocha said in his message, while giving instructions to the Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas, to start the project of the new section once the current one is completed, where six million pesos will be invested.

The state president pointed out that he is interested in serving the community of Alhuey, since it is strategically located between Angostura and Guamúchil, and it is a compulsory corridor between both cities.

Immediately, Governor Rocha moved to the 15 de Julio neighborhood in the neighboring city of Guamúchil, to supervise the construction work on Felipe Xicoténcatl and Gabriel Leyva Solano streets, which, like 5 de Mayo street in Alhuey, comprise the substitution of the drinking water and drainage network, sidewalks, garrisons and LED-type public lighting. In these two streets in Guamúchil, 9 million 165 thousand 454 pesos are currently invested.

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He pointed out that these streets will be paved without charging a single peso to the people, because it is a service that the government has to do, since he reiterated that these works have a high social content, along with drinking water, sanitary drainage and energy. electrical.

“We are going to continue investing in Guamúchil, as we are doing in Angostura, and we will also build the boardwalk, and as soon as the project is ready, construction will begin,” he said to the approval of the people of Guamuchil.

For his part, the municipal president of Salvador Alvarado, Armando Camacho Aguilar, recognized that Governor Rocha has been a great ally of the people of Alvarado, since in these first five months of his administration, 30 million pesos have already been invested in different works. , of which 25 million have been state resources exclusively.

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