Resources for the field grow, but are insufficient

The federal government through the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) presented to Congress its Economic Package proposal for fiscal year 2022, with a Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) of 7.08 billion pesos and of which it is expected to allocate 362,546.2 million pesos to the Concurrent Special Budget for Rural Development, which would represent only 5.11% of the country’s total budget.

In an interview for El Economista, Luis Gómez Garay, general secretary of the General Peasant and Popular Workers Union (UGOCP), indicated that although the budget for the field shows an increase in relation to the previous year of 8.15%, it continues to be insufficient, in addition to not addressing the productive development of the field.

Likewise, it pointed out that the orientation of spending does not stimulate, nor promote productive activity of the field, which is the only way to overcome the serious social and productive lags found in the sector.

“The countryside they have no importance for him federal government and it does not have it from a production perspective. The budget for the field is normally made up of nine slopes, it was made up of 10 but they withdrew the labor side and today they also withdraw the financial aspect, which is the one that attended the issues of credit, the themes of financing, the financial inclusion, the insurance issue. The other aspects that remain address different issues than what is productive development of the field”.

He added that with the resources that it is proposed to allocate to the sector, strategies for structural combat against the causes of rural poverty such as poverty are not established. low competitiveness, absence of infrastructure for the integration of value added to primary producers, low integration of the rural production to the domestic market, among other widely diagnosed factors.

Gómez Garay emphasized that poverty will only be fought through the strengthening and development of the productive capacity of rural regions, the development of productive infrastructure and integration of value to the agricultural production.

“It is essential to allocate resources for the modernization of the modes of agricultural production, technology transfer and technical assistance to rural producers, the strengthening of financing instruments for production and services to agricultural production (irrigation, seeds, fertilizers, agricultural mechanization, agricultural storage, among others) ”.


With regard to the budget allocated to the Secretary of AgricultureOf 53,088.96 million pesos, only 68.5% would have a direct impact on agricultural production. That is, only 36,345 million pesos are directed to production through the Production programs for the Wellness, Guarantee Prices for Basic Food Products, Fertilizers, Program for the Promotion of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Aquaculture; Rural Supply Program run by Diconsa, Milk Social Supply Program in charge of Liconsa and Agrifood Health and Safety.

“The above means that resources are only channeled to the rural productive sector for 0.51% of the total of the Federal Budget to a sector that should be strategic for the nation and in which almost a quarter of the national population is found. The remainder is spent on administrative and agricultural planning”.

Finally, the peasant leader pointed out that it is urgent that the current government strengthen the systems of transformation of the primary production, in addition to establishing a strategy for the integration of value into production.


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