Residents of Lugansk forced to accept separatist passport

  • In the occupied city of Sorokine the process of issuing passports (of the Luhansk People’s Republic) has begun for Ukrainian citizens

Ukrainian citizens residing in the Luhansk region, self-proclaimed independent and recognized by Moscow, They are being forced to accept a passport issued by the separatist government and, if they reject it, they may face reprisals, the Intelligence Directorate of the Government reported on Friday. Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on his Telegram channel.

Lugansk and neighboring Donesk, bordering Russia, make up the Ukrainian region of Donbas and independent republics were proclaimed unilaterally last February, after which they were recognized by Moscow days before it ordered the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

the russian army has concentrated its attacks in recent weeks in both areas, that they already partially control and in which they receive the help of the paramilitary forces and pro-Russian separatist authorities installed there.

“In the occupied city of Sorokine (in the Lugansk region), the process of issuing passports (of the Luhansk People’s Republic) has begun for Ukrainian citizens displaced from recently occupied territories,” the intelligence services said.

As they specified, “Citizens are deprived of homes, property and money. Therefore, they are forced to accept these conditions, because this is the only way to receive payments in rubles, food and medical care.”

They also indicated that residents are indoctrinated and “in case of refusal to acquire citizenship of the pseudo-republic, people will lose any means of subsistence and repressive measures will be applied to them.”

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The government of Russia has already forced the residents of other occupied areas after the invasion to use the ruble, as is the case of the Kherson region, heavily hit by bombing and bordering Donbas.

According to the Ukrainian authoritiesthe Kremlin also plans to call illegal referendums in the occupied regions to justify their annexation to Russia.

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