5 anthology wines… and pleasure

  • The new vintages of the exclusive Miguel Torres Anthology collection, by Familia Torres, opt for hedonism: more acidity and more fruit than wood

The five new vintages of the Familia Torres anthology wine collection.

Josep Sabarich, technical director of Familia Torres, and Miquel Torres Maczassek, fifth generation of the winery, with the five new vintages of the anthology wine collection.

Torres Family has presented the new vintages of the Miguel Torres Anthology Collectiontheir most exclusive and emblematic wines: Milmanda 2019, Mas La Plana 2018, Reserva Real 2018, Grans Muralles 2018 and Mas de la Rosa 2019. They belong to three appellations of origin and two very different vintages, which reflect the singularity of the vineyard from the most hedonistic and gastronomic.

Freshness and elegance are its main characteristics. “Are wines with higher acidityin which fruit prevails over woodlooking for the best balance to show its most hedonistic”, says Miguel Torres Maczassek, the fifth generation of the winery during the presentation tasting he did in Vilafranca del Penedès together with the technical director, Josep Sabarich.

More La Plana 2018

More La Plana 2018 It is the result of almost 50 years working and getting to know each plot of the 29-hectare farm, cultivated today under the principles of regenerative viticulture to create a natural ecosystem that allows soil fertility to be recovered, to stop erosion, to increase biodiversity and combat climate change. “It is wine that is still young and that it will have a very good evolution in the bottle due to the characteristics of the vintage”, advances Josep Sabarich. And 2018 was a cool year for the Mediterranean, with a rainy spring and a dry summer that favored a slow ripening of the grapes and this, in turn, allowed maintain acidity.

Royal Reserve 2018

In Royal Reserve 2018, the second Penedès in the collection, the freshness of the vintage is also perceived in the wine, although not as much as in Mas La Plana, since the soils here have less capacity to retain water. The three varieties that make up this wine are worked separately and looking for a more classic profile, with longer macerations, which give it a good structure in the mouth and more marked tannins.

Great Walls 2018

Also from the 2018 vintage, but from Conca de Barberà, near the Poblet Monastery, it is Great Walls 2018, the first exponent of the project to recover ancestral varieties carried out by Familia Torres since the 1980s. Grans Muralles was born in 1996 as a blend of native varieties, including the ancestral Garró. Today it maintains five varieties, with a majority presence of Cariñena, which gives it structure, and Garnacha, which gives it fruit, although each of the other varieties -querol, monastrell and garró- leave their mark. In mouth, Great Walls 2018 shows the freshness of the vintage, wrapped in finesse, length and tension, with good aging capacity.

More of the Rose 2019

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Contrary to the 2018 vintage, the 2019 vintage was rather dry, with normal temperatures. More of the Rose 2019 It is the expression of the 1.9-hectare vineyard with vines over 80 years old, located in Porrera. It is the fourth vintage of this wine promoted by Miguel Torres Maczassek, who fell in love with the vineyard for its beauty. A delicate and hedonistic wine, made from Cariñena and Grenache, from which the essence is extracted, with shorter macerations. “We want it to convey delicacy and elegance, since for us this is the way to understand this landscape,” says Miguel Torres.

Milmanda 2019

Back in Conca de Barberà, the 2019 vintage was also dry, although there were episodes of rain during the flowering season and in July, which allowed the plant to face the ripening period well. Milmanda 2019 is the only white in the Anthology collection. It comes from the Castell de Milmanda estate, flanked by the Sec and Francolí rivers and protected by the Sierra de Prades, which gives the climate a continental character. Both the climate and the deep clay soils are ideal for the development of Chardonnay. Of this new vintage, highlights the freshness and aromatic complexitywhich give the wine a long and kind mouth, with many registers.

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