‘Red’: Pixar approaches adolescence

The Chinese-Canadian director Domee Shi we already fell in love with ‘Beam’, the short film about a mother who adopted a little ‘dumpling’ who came to life and turned out to be a copy of her own son with whom she had lost contact. She now tackles her first feature film within Pixar and does so by imposing her personality as a creator. ‘Net’ It is an atypical film within the animation label because it specifically addresses an age segment that until now had been largely neglected: adolescence.

Mei Lee is a 13-year-old fan of boy bands, with a group of friends who understand her and a demanding mother who is looking after her for some reason. In reality, the cause is a kind of family curse that coincides with puberty and that turns its members into red pandas, the animal species that protects them.

‘Red’ fearlessly tackles issues that connect with our present, from multiculturalism and immigration to the need to unearth taboos on menstruation. And he does it with as much grace as irreverent spirit using transformation as a mechanism of change when reaching adulthood. The key: knowing how to control our emotions.

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Definitely, a delicious allegorical ‘coming-of-age’ in which there is no place for clichéswhich knows how to reinvent itself at every moment, in which the protagonist is authentic, feels sexual desire, experiences changes in her body and talks about mother-child relationships much more effectively than most unaminated films.

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