Rapid Test of Antidote, by Juli Capella

It is not strange that a lot of people have a word with the fast antigen test. I’m a desposter. Cero intuitive. A box with the same elements is a bolsita de desecho donde alguno ni cabe. Reactive liquid in a reduced blister and difficult to open. The hyssop of the show with a cannula inultile larga to be able to read, and without introduction. El tubo para mezcla con una boca tan estrecha quand it is difficult to keep the liquid. And where does the tube lie so long, so that it does not fly? Some jackets left a trowel, but apparently visible. Te quedas en la mano como un tonto. Finally, find a diminutive that, being transparent, has lost several times between the pieces of paper. Entonces poner las gotas en el recipiente, ¿pero donde? Here are the quotes. Nothing indicated in any. I hope for one absurd reading: C is only negative, C and T are positive, T is invalid. With a very smooth line, perceptible openings. ¿No hubiese side better indicate clearly, in the same recipient, what combination of positive and what negative?

Definitely, a complex procedure that is impossible to implement by mayor, oa quien le falle algo el pulso o la vista. But if the industrial design of the kit is deficient, the prospectus of instructions is a peor. A great deal of debauchery that we are debilitating to follow up on every step, let alone a rat in encountering our idiom – while it is not – between Poland, Greece, Hungary, etc. All printed in one diminutive letter cuerpo 6, con dibujos enanos illegibles, mal compuestos, y con leyendas confusas.

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A tool for engineers, industrial designers and graphic designers, who is lucid in a circumstance where he plays the game. Pharmaceutical companies, what about ‘user experience’ for this? Designer bed.

It is possible that this is not the case a mascarilla with fuel, which al hablar no destape la nariz? It has a system that avoids entelar las gafas? And it’s a joke that he’s so damned about. Yes, I do.


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