Querétaro launches institutional circular economy strategy

Queretaro, Qro. Querétaro began the second stage of implementation of the circular economy system by establishing the institutional chain, that is, involving government, academic and industrial entities, to generate circularity projects.

In this new aspect of the program, 23 institutions participate between municipal governments, state agencies, universities and Private Initiative, instances that registered 68 participants, who will attend eight sessions of the state’s circular economy program, which will conclude on August 3 next.

The president of the Automotive Cluster of Querétaro, Renato Villaseñor Mendoza, explained that a year ago the first chain of the system began and then six specific projects were generated in the field of circular economy.

He contextualized that in March 2021 the first stage of the circular economy system was carried out, promoted by the Secretariat for Sustainable Development (Sedesu) and supported by the Automotive Cluster.

“In the cluster we put our batteries into committing to this circular economy project. Today we are already starting with these changes that are beginning to be systemic through the strengthening of capacities and initiatives that are given by the government, academia and companies”, he explained.

The development of circularity strategies, he said, allows to encourage the sustainable growth of the state. “The circular economy is a strategic line, not only are we going to meet the goal of reducing emissions by 8% by 2027, but working together we are going to exceed this goal. It has been a very different project from those that we normally host in the cluster, we bring a strong push in projects of competitiveness, technological innovation, efficiencies, quality management, but we are convinced that we need to do our bit”, he pointed out. .

They go for 100 projects

During the first edition of the program, which began in 2021, 48 circular economy projects were generated in the state; The goal for 2022 is to close with 100 projects, reported the Secretary of Sustainable Development (Sedesu), Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero.

It is forecast that in the year 2027, 800 projects will be generated to close the state administration (2021-2027) with more than 1,000 initiatives.

“This is a model that is establishing public policy in the state. It is established in the state development plan (…) the transition towards the circular economy and low polluting emissions is coming, ”he indicated.

The state secretary highlighted that the state’s circular economy model has no precedent in the country, and that through this strategy it is possible to influence climate change.


The 2022 institutional chain will be made up of 10 of the 18 municipalities in the state: Querétaro, Landa de Matamoros, Jalpan de Serra, Colón, San Juan del Río, Tequisquiapan, El Marqués, Cadereyta de Montes, Tolimán and Ezequiel Montes.

This phase also involves four educational institutions: Technological University of Querétaro, ITQ, UNAQ, UPSRJ; as well as three state secretariats: Sedesu, Sedea and Sejuve.

And in the industrial part, the Querétaro Aerocluster, the Plastics Cluster, through the Tooling Institute, the San Juan del Río de la Canacintra delegation, among others.

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