Querétaro is positioned as the fourth producer of chicken nationwide

Queretaro, Qro. Poultry production totaled 57,976 tons in the entity during the first two months of the year, placing it as the fourth producer of chicken in the country, according to carcass meat reports from the Agrifood and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP).

Poultry production refers to chicken, light and heavy hens that have completed their production cycle, the system specifies.

During that period, the production of poultry meat had an increase of 2.7%, compared to the period January-February 2021, when it added 56,446 tons of production in the state.

The list of main poultry producing states is led by Veracruz with 74,210 tons of production in the first two months of the year; in second place, Aguascalientes, with 67,865 tons; in third, Jalisco with 62,664 tons; in fourth, Querétaro (57,976 tons); and fifth, Durango with 45,953 tons.

On the opposite side, the states with the lowest poultry production are Mexico City, with just 9 tons produced in the first two months of the year; as well as Tamaulipas with 71 tons; Tlaxcala with 128; Baja California Sur with 131; and Baja California with 181 tons.

According to the annual comparison, the entities that registered the most significant growth in poultry production are Hidalgo, with an annual growth of 16.8% in the first two months of the year; Michoacan 13.5%; Mexico City with 12.5%; Yucatan with 10.3% and Baja California Sur with 8.3% growth.

In contrast, seven states decreased production: Quintana Roo, with an annual decrease of 8.7%; San Luis Potosí 3.1%, Coahuila 3%, in Tabasco it decreased 1%, in Jalisco it decreased 0.9%, in Zacatecas 0.6% and in Nuevo León 0.2% annually.

Annual projection

The production of Querétaro, of 57,976 tons of poultry in the first two months of the year, implies that the state advances 15.3% in the annual production forecast, which is 380,020 tons at the end of the year, SIAP specifies.

With this progress, the entity is slightly below the national, which in the first two months reports 589,907 tons produced, an advance of 15.6% compared to the annual projection of 3 million 792,273 tons of product.

The production of poultry in the state, in the January-February period, represented 84.3% of the state production of carcass meat, which amounted to 68,790 tons in that period.

In general, the production of carcass meat had an annual growth of 2.6% in the entity. The species with annual growth in production volume are beef, which grew 3.7%, poultry 2.7%, and sheep 1.7%; On the contrary, goat meat fell 7.4%, as well as pork, which fell 0.5% annually.

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