Puebla foresees an economic spill of 8,500 million pesos for El Buen Fin

Puebla, Pue. When launching The good end, the governor, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, trusted that this campaign of promotions and discounts will help the economic sectors that could not remain limited or closed, “because the entity was at risk of collapse.” At the same time, businessmen ask to contain street vendors so that they do not affect the established ones.

The Puebla president stated that Puebla It was urgent to return to 100% in operations, after more than 20 months of inactivity in some sectors, so the total reopening was determined, but maintaining sanitary standards in each business.

“It was open or not, because the collapse of our economy was on the doorstep. Today we are developing a plan economic reactivation, which is the reactivation of society ”, he deepened.

In the ribbon cutting of The good end, which took place in a shopping center, stated that this sector of shopping complexes will generate 6,000 million of the total expected spill, which is 8,500 million pesos.

Barbosa Huerta indicated that this decision is part of the administration’s strategy to promote the Economic recovery, which includes having meetings with representatives of foreign companies settled in Puebla territory to build a long-term industrial policy that facilitates investments in the development of investments.

Remembered that Puebla It was one of the most reserved states regarding the reopening, despite the fact that the Federation had another perspective on the pandemic in the state, but at the same time its administration was among the first to allow a return to 100% in commercial activities.


In the Historic Center of Puebla, the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco Servytur) carried out the start of The good end, as well as requiring the municipal authorities not to allow the presence of street vendors in the area, because the campaign in its eleventh edition is to generate sales to formal businesses.

Marco Antonio Prósperi Calderón, president of the organization, indicated that around 8,000 establishments signed up to the platform of The good end to offer a promotion, but which is open to the participation of all entrepreneurs who wish to do so.

He hoped that the city center would remain free of street vendors until the weekend, which was a commitment from the city council of Puebla, so he hopes that there will be permanent operations.

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