Puebla City Hall seeks to use mansions to develop affordable housing

Puebla, Pue. the mayor of Puebla, Eduardo Rivera Perezstated that it is sought that the abandoned mansions in the Historical Center become houses through the agreement with the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (Canadevi).

He indicated that the intention is to repopulate the area, but it depends on the will of the owners of those properties that allow them to intervene and thus have a utility with social benefit.

He recalled that there is a goal of developing 5,000 houses with a private investment of 7,000 million pesos during his administration, which began in October 2021, this as part of the actions in conjunction with the developers.

“We would like to have the resources to be able to expropriate and carry out housing projects as part of the agreement with the Canadevibut it is not the competence of the authority to dedicate itself to building houses, but it is to support the best use of spaces in a dilapidated state”, he deepened.

He stated that the perimeter that has been identified with mansions in a dilapidated state is from the neighborhood of Santa Anita until the May 5 Boulevardthis action is also in order that the buildings are not used as delinquency points.

Likewise, he said, the possibility of entering the mansions and recovering them also has the purpose of not being a point of risk for the people who pass through the area.

The mayor of Puebla considered that there should also be organization with neighborhood committees and police to have order and security in the city.

The Management of the Historic Center identified 50 mansions in the first square of the city with a serious deterioration, for which the owners were invited to approach that dependency to seek a solution.

This will be developed hand in hand with the project of Original neighborhoods promoted by the governor Miguel Barbosa Huertawhere the municipality of Puebla will rescue the area from the San Francisco neighborhood to El Alto, in accordance with what the state administration establishes.

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