Private companies go for 50% of the gas station market in the country

Merida, Yuc. The country’s gas station entrepreneurs expect to reach a market share of 50% of service stations of brands other than Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) in the near future, going from the 46.5% share they had until last May, when 6,041 were registered. service stations of 295 different brands of service stations to the franchise of the State oil company.

“We are very optimistic and we believe that the Mexican consumer has tried new proposals, so the model (of open market and competition) is here to stay,” said Roberto Díaz de León, who was president of the National Organization of Petroleum Retailers (Onexpo ) National, until a few weeks ago, when there was a change in the presidency of this organization that brings together businessmen from the 32 entities in the country and today is headed by the businessman from Durango, Jorge Mijares. Díaz de León clarified at a press conference during the 22 Onexpo Convention in Mérida, Yucatán, that this calculation that different brands operate half of the national market is his own and is an intention, “if you ask me, as would anyone.” At the same time, he recognized that Pemex may also have intentions, such as retaking the entire market.

However, he explained that the state-owned oil company, with its franchise and its different capacity and penetration in different geographical areas, will seek efficiency like any company that goes for the profitability of its business, which will reach a turning point in which to have more market share will cause you losses.

“Then the premise that neither the market nor the State can do it alone will be fulfilled,” said the Mexican businessman, “it is our intention that this participation be reached, although the turning point and how far Pemex can go is a calculation. that the company will do.

In addition, at the beginning of May, 279 different fuel brands were already marketed in the country, after imports by third parties began in 2016 and the retail market was opened to the public in 2017.

According to Onexpo Nacional, there are a total of 12,933 automotive fuel vending service stations in the country, of which 6,919 are of the Pemex brand, which has 53.5% of the market.

The top 10 gas station brands with the most presence of service stations are made up of: Oxxo Gas, with 564 establishments; G500, with 515; BP, with 509 service stations; Mobil, with 496 gas stations; Repsol, with 261 establishments; Shell, with 249; Total, with 229 gas stations; Arco, with 205, and Gulf, with 145 stations until the beginning of May 2022, five and a half years after the sale of automotive fuels to the public by companies other than Pemex in the country was legalized.

Díaz de León recognized that it is also necessary to advance in the participation of other actors in the rest of the value chain, such as the transportation and storage of gasoline and diesel.

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