Politics and economics are of no interest. That is why we are as we are

Yesterday, during the radio and TV program that I have hosted at Grupo Fórmula for decades, the following topics were addressed: increase in Banco de México’s interbank rate to 5.0%, its effects on inflation, and credit card interest rates. and commercial credits and how everything affects the pockets and purchasing habits of consumers; the situation of online commerce and its prospects for the Good End; the precautions people should take when shopping online; the legal situation of the former CEO of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, after his preventive detention was ordered for the Agro Nitrogenados case; the OAS and its position on the fraudulent elections held in Nicaragua and; the new conformation of the leadership of the Council of the Mexican Episcopate and how it will affect its relations with the government of the 4T.

Each of these issues are current and to a greater or lesser degree affect or will affect the reality of Mexicans.

Now, before, during and after the 90 minutes in which we analyzed, discussed and explained the issues listed above, what was the most concern to millions of people who were connected to the Internet?

The 10 searches that were made the most through Google yesterday were, in ascending order and with the number of searches in parentheses: With more than 200,000 searches, Carmelita Salinas, the actress who suffered a stroke yesterday; with more than 50,000 searches, Portugal vs Ireland match, Greece vs Spain match; with more than 20,000 searches each, Eliminatorias Conmebol, Eliminatorias Europa and Paulo Londra, the Argentine singer and rapper; with more than 10,000 searches, Kim Morgan, the new wife of the filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, ghost truck, from which two people were shot dead in Balancán, Tabasco and the United States vs Mexico match.

And on Twitter, during the transition of the program, these were the hashtags that set trends according to trends.24.in/mexico/: #SalarioRosa, Rams, #VivaBuenFin, Carmen Salinas, #diadelsoltero, Carmelita Salinas, #RedTaylorsVersion, María José Alcalá and the Mexican Olympic Committee.

In accordance with the above, most of the topics that are addressed in newscasts and analysis and commentary programs on radio and TV are not of interest to the general public, who are more interested in what happens in the sports world and the world of sports. the shows. There are the numbers to corroborate it.

Political and economic issues are not attracting the attention of the masses according to Google Mexico trends in 2020. The top 10 were: Coronavirus, Classroom, US elections, Aztec Welfare, Popular Google Doodle Games, Zoom, tips on the coronavirus, coronavirus symptoms, Among Us and Champions League.

And also according to Google, the 10 people who most interested in 2020 were Joe Biden, Trump, singer Christian Nodal, Kim Jong-un, Will Smith, actress Karla Panini, singer-songwriter Adele, footballer Renato Ibarra and actresses Andrea Escalona and Amber Heard.

Politics and economics are of no interest. That is why we are as we are. And then many complain …

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