Police are referring to the councilor who is still in office in the darkening of the Consell Esportiu de L’Hospitalet

  • The UDEF emphasizes the “passivity, permissiveness or laziness” in the light of the lack of control of subsidies, the “profit motive” of the Consell Esportiu and “illegal enrichment”

The National Police places the current Deputy Mayor of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Christian Alcazar, as one of those responsible for the plot of alleged blackmail in the Consell Esportiu of this town, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of sports. In the reports provided to the case, the researchers emphasize the “passivity, permissiveness or neglect” in light of the lack of control over public subsidies which is a bit worthwhile. 200,000 euros per year, as well as a possible concealment of income, accounting mess and possible “illegal enrichment”, among other irregularities. The agents do not involve the mayor of the city, Nuria Marín, in this part of the investigation, which is still being prosecuted for allegedly ignoring the warnings about the deviations. Something she denied before the judge.

The latest police report, to which EL PERIÓDICO had access, maintains that “a profit motive in an entity that has nothing to do with the private sector (in which there is this desire to gain benefits) “. The Consell Esportiu uses public subsidies, so “it should justify the destination given to the amount received, which is nothing more than giving it back to the sports sector” of the city and, above all, to activities for school children. The agents now have in their sights the incentives or “benefits”, according to emails found, to be distributed within the entity. “The real benefit that is gained is repeatedly hidden,” they emphasize.

In the same sense, other reports from the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) of the National Police reports the alleged irregularities in the processing of a subsidy from the city council to the Consell and emphasizes that “one of the most far-reaching irregularities” “the statement of a much lower income figure to the one obtained. ”The reports specify, however, that it is“ the lack of control ”on the part of the consistory that allowed this situation.

Consciousness of the accused

“This lack of proper control seems to be due to the responsibility of the L’Hospitalet City Council to be the granting of the public subsidy,” the agents insisted. “This lack of control leads to opacity in knowing the total cost of each of the subsidized activities, as well as the money available to carry them out, thus creating an ideal framework that the criminal commission of Unfair stewardship, embezzlement and improper subsidy“.

The Police specify that “the actors” who participate “in the effects of the said structure” are responsible for the Sports Council, and technicians from the sports area of ​​the town hall. In his opinion, there is “conspiracy” between Cristian Alcázar, who is still deputy mayor and president of the entity; Eduard Galí, former director of the Consell; and the municipal technicians “responsible for verifying the subsidies”. The former councilor is also accused Christian Squarewho resigned from his post when the scandal broke out and held positions of responsibility in the entity under investigation.

The main parties involved have always denied the irregularities and in their statements they deny lack of control of the subsidies, since they passed, they explained, through two audits, one of the entity and the other of the city council, at the same time that fulfilled their responsibilities in the Consell’s Accountant, since deceased, in a worker and in the Mayor who denounced, Jaume Graellsaccording to sources familiar with the interrogations.

“Repeated omissions”

However, the police insist on the “repeated omissions” by the municipal bodies that must control the subsidies to require the Consell clear information “ about them. This causes, he believes, “not knowing what the actual cost of the projects is” for which the items are intended, “preventing” them from knowing whether the entity is “obtaining benefits” for the sake of a “personal gain” and allows “total freedom and margin” to “choose which invoices fit” to charge it against the subsidy and for which the entity will be responsible.

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In their reports, the agents recall that Alcázar, who was president of the Consell until 2019 and deputy mayor, was a member of the commission of the agreement signed between the consistory and the entity, which “the freedom of action of his subordinates in the sports area of ​​the town hall. ” The reports emphasize that the members of the board of directors of the Consell appointed by the consistory were also the people who were later responsible from the town hall for the control of the subsidies granted.

The protagonists

Christian Alcazar. Second Deputy Mayor of L’Hospitalet. He continues in his office. First Secretary of the PSC Federation of this town. President of the Consell Esportiu until 2019. He was replaced by former councilor Cristian Plaza, another of the accused. He was arrested by the Police.

Christian Square. Former city council sports chief. He resigned from this post and later left the deed of board member. The sources consulted state that he was a friend of another protagonist in this case, Jaume Graells. He was arrested by the Police.

Jaume Graells. Plaintiff. Former Deputy Mayor for Education, Youth and Sport. He did not resign from the council law. He is still in the socialist group, but without responsibility.

Eduard Galí. He was director of the Consell Esportiu de L’Hospitalet, a non-profit organization. He replaced Cristian Plaza in this position. He was arrested by the Police.

Núria Marín. Mayor of L’Hospitalet. She was arrested in December 2020. She is admitted that she did not act when Graells explained the irregularities to her. She denied passivity and lack of action before the judge, claiming that she immediately launched an audit to clear up the irregularities.


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