• Despite the fact that several autonomies propose to reduce the isolation to five days or less, Darias believes that this is an “immature” issue

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, he has cooled this Wednesday the possibility that shorten the quarantines by covid. Despite the fact that several autonomies have increased the convenience of shortening in recent days seven to five days or even less the time of isolation, as the combination of the omikron variant and vaccination causes milder symptoms and some evidence suggests that the viral load may disappear sooner, Darias believes it is an “issue that he is immature”.

The minister argued that the technicians advising the ministry and the ministries have so far not raised this option and that only one advisor proposed this Wednesday, at the weekly meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council, that it “studies” the possibility of shortening the quarantine. Therefore, he stated in the press conference after the meeting that the isolation will be determined in seven days because the prevalence is still high and we need to be “aware” of the situation.

In this regard, the daily report of the Ministry places the incidence at 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants 3 194 cases. It’s still very high, but has dropped 73 points since the previous day, offering a “smooth decline” during the past week that still does not compensate for the explosion of business caused by the omicron.

Sports capacity continues

In fact, the Interterritorial Council agreed that, although some autonomies relaxed the restrictions, the current capacity constraints are maintained at sporting events. Thus, the reduction will continue to 75% in outdoor competitions and 50% in closed venues.

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That was on December 29, when the incidence stood at 1,508 cases, less than half of what it is now, when the Public Health Commission decided to shorten the quarantine from 10 to seven days, but already at that time has some presidents, such as the Castilian – Manchego Emiliano Garcia-Page, defends to shorten the isolation even further, an option that has been re-introduced in recent days and by the Community of Madrid or the Generalitat Valenciana. Conversely, Andalusia refused “As long as there is no scientific evidence that four days is enough.”

In this context, Darias has once again committed itself to making progress in reviewing the oversight system, to moving from one “emergency” system to another, based on goals and other quality. This is what was calledflu‘of covid and this may mean that not all cases are taken into account, but to be monitored through sentinel networks, a trend supported by international organizations such as the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) and senior WHO officials.

No hurry

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However, Darias specified that the change would come when the sixth wave is over and first you need to see “the time it takes to move to that model […]without any haste. “

Similarly, the Minister of Health pointed out that despite the “high incidence” caused by the omicron, severity indicators has maintained a downward trend from the second half of October. The probability of hospitalization was reduced seven times during this period, from 6.5% to 0.9%, and admission to the ICU and mortality more than 12 times, ranging from 0.9% to 0.07% for both indicators. .

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