Peru declares itself on alert for an unexpected rebound in Covid cases

The Peruvian government warned that the country faces a “resurgence” of the Covid-19 pandemic, after doubling the number of infections and deaths in the last month.

“We have an outbreak of Covid-19,” said Health Minister Hernando Cevallos.

The daily number of infections rose to 1,565 last week on average, after having skirted 800 from September to the first week of November, according to official balances.

Deaths rose to 56 a day on average, from 28 a month ago.

Due to these increases, Peru began to require Covid-19 vaccination certificates from people who enter businesses, banks, public entities and airports.

However, legislators from the bench of the Peru Libre official party (left) criticized the measure and presented a bill to eliminate the obligation, established by decree in mid-November.

“The congressmen who are promoting a project against the presentation of the vaccination card to enter closed spaces should know that this measure is supported by scientific evidence and the experience of other countries,” Cevallos said, quoted in the Ministry’s Twitter account of health.

The minister warned that a supposed certificate of “exemption” of the vaccine promoted by anti-vaccine activists is “invalid”.

“We ratify: any exemption certificate for not being vaccinated that allows entering closed premises is invalid. Only the vaccination card is valid,” said Cevallos.

The certificate is held by those who have received the two doses of the vaccine. So far 20 million people have done so, 72% of the target population, according to the Ministry. The country uses vaccines Sinopharm y Pfizer.

Peru accumulates more than two million cases and more than 201,000 deaths. The country of 33 million inhabitants has the highest death rate from the pandemic in the world: 6,119.5 per million inhabitants, according to the AFP balance based on official figures.

In the wake of the outbreak, the government banned family gatherings and parties on Christmas and New Years.

The South American nation on Friday exceeded 100 deaths from Covid-19 for the first time in four months, registering 123 deaths.

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