Pedro J. Ramírez asks Iceta to approve the community directive that allows publishers to negotiate freely

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Pedro J. Ramirez has asked the government to “approve now” the transposition of the Community Directive on Intellectual Property that in practice it would repeal the Canon Aede and give way to the free management of intellectual property rights by press publishers.

This was indicated by the executive president of EL ESPAÑOL during his speech at thea XIV edition of the Clabe Awards for Journalism and Communication, where he has received the award to Career path that has been delivered by the employers’ association of Clabe editors (Publishers Open Club) “for his constant contribution to journalism in Spain and for his innovative initiative”.

An event that also had the presence of the Prime Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, the minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta and the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi. Precisely to the second he dedicated Pedro J. Ramirez their demands, since it is the responsibility of their portfolio to carry out this regulation that has been a clamor within the sector for months. Iceta also presented the award to the director of EL ESPAÑOL.

Pedro J. Ramirez also dedicated the award to Iceta. “We ask you to promote, without further delay, the transposition of the community directive that ends with two such archaic and inappropriate restrictions for a digitized country such as the inalienable nature of the rights to our content and the delirious obligation to negotiate them collectively.”

Ramirez has asked that Iceta “release us from the jail of the current Intellectual Property Law“.” No one can claim to protect us or represent us. The Spanish publishers protect ourselves and represent ourselves “.

Antonio Garamendi, president of the CEOE;  Pedro J. Ramírez, president of EL ESPAÑOL;  and Cruz Sánchez de la Lara, vice president of EL ESPAÑOL.

Antonio Garamendi, president of the CEOE; Pedro J. Ramírez, president of EL ESPAÑOL; and Cruz Sánchez de la Lara, vice president of EL ESPAÑOL.

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“In 1980, before even being appointed director, I published a small essay” Press and Freedom “in which I echoed a historic sentence by Judge Michael Musmanno:” Freedom of the press means freedom to obtain news, write it, publish it and circulate them. When one of these operations is hampered, press freedom becomes a river without water. “

“Those words have been inspiring since then my integral conception of press freedom. I hope they also inspire your decision and help you get rid of any obstacle or conditioning, so that your proven commitment to freedom rescues ours from the unjust yoke that we suffer, “he concluded.

Pedro J. Ramirez refers to the debate on the transposition of the European directive on copyright. This regulation and especially article 15 grants to publishers of press publications throughout Europe the exclusive rights to authorize or prohibit the distribution and transfer of their publications to news aggregators such as Google News o Upday de Samsung.

This rule is, therefore, contrary to the Canon Temple approved in Spain in 2014 and that establishes the inalienable right to charge news aggregators for their content and also obliges the collective management of these rights in the hands of a body determined by the law itself, in this case the Spanish Center for Reprographic Rights (Cedro).

The Spanish Government had until June 14 to transpose the European Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and therefore decide on the future of the Canon Aede. On this date, the two-year period that the European Union gives to member states to adapt community regulations expired. Now he is exposed to fines if he does not move.

Clabe Awards

The awards ceremony was opened by the president of Clabe, Arsenio Escolar, I have again asked the authorities to become aware of the sector. “We are not just another sector, we are a key piece in the proper functioning of democracy and the rule of law. Our role emanates from the Constitution itself, which establishes the right to truthful information and free expression. Without us, who would control the power?”.

“We are waiting for a new Institutional Advertising Law or the transposition of copyright regulations and the implementation of European funds, where we have presented ambitious projects. We need these tools to collaborate in collective recovery and in recovery as a country, “he indicated.

The Clabe Awards recognize the work carried out by editors and communication professionals, their commitment to the sector and their contribution to society in general. Among the winners have been Socio-sanitary Balance, as a Specialized Medium; as a local medium and Public as a Generalist Medium.

They have also been awarded Digital aviation as journalistic innovation; AVLO as the best advertising campaign; INCIBE for excellence in communication, Iñaki Gabilondo as Professional of the year; FIAB for MERCASA as a solidarity cause and Marta Ariño for entrepreneurship.

The jury of this XIV edition of the awards was made up of Ignacio Rojas, vice president of Clabe and president of the Peldaño group; Lola Fernández Paniagua, CEO of Sweet Press; José Manuel González-Huesa, CEO of Servimedia; Marga Cabrera, Professor of Audiovisual Communication and founder and co-director of the International Congress on Communication and Technology Comunica2 y Francisco Hortigüela, CEO AMETIC, the employer representative of the digital technology industry in Spain.

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