Parody on La Meridiana, by Emma Riverola

It is clear. The nice guys from @MeridianaResisteix have a problem. Not because they have been touching the noses of the residents of La Meridiana for two years. Not because they annoy everyone who gets stuck on that road into the city, just when the workday ends. Do those tough fighters ever think what it’s like to try to put a baby to sleep amongst exasperated horns? Or concentrate to study? Or coping with a migraine? But let’s get to the point, the charming warriors have a serious problem. A problem that, given the long duration of their protest, is becoming unsolvable. Your action is useless.

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Yes, obstinate friends, a protest that comes to nothing. It is neither valid as a symbol (perhaps that of a meager, selfish and grotesque troop) nor to challenge political power, much less pto achieve independence, the supposed objective of the action. What’s more, resistance has components so laughable that it only fuels the most outlandish perception of what it thinks it represents. In terms of political or popular struggle, a complete disaster. Of course, it gives us an excellent cartoon. The parody of a parody. The residue of the ‘procés’.

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