Operation of the Mossos in Barcelona against a band specializing in ‘alunizajes’

  • The operative has been entered and registered at different points of the city

Los Mossos d’Esquadra is living on top of the 6th of this season a disparity operation a criminal organization specialized in carrying out ‘alunizajes’ in companies in the audiovisual and information technology sector. The device, a cargo of the Division of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of the Police of the Generalitat, shall be enforced you enter and register in the Barcelona area and practice various detentions, según han informed the EFE sources of the Mossos.

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The ‘alunizaje’ method consists in launching a vehicle at high speed against the gates or escapees of locals or commercial establishments with the end of destroying the accesses to rob the boys and value objects with speed and rent elsewhere in another place of the Police Police.


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