Open parliament outlined to discuss electricity initiative

The Commission of Constitutional Points of the Chamber of Deputies approved to create, in joint commissions, a working group and build the bases of the Open Parliament in which the electricity reform sent by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be analyzed.

The president of said commission, deputy Juan Ramiro Robledo Ruiz (Morena), pointed out that the joint analysis proposal will be communicated to the president of the Energy Commission to begin as soon as possible with the discussion in time, intensity and dimension that it deserves. such a presidential initiative.

“It is not about a parliament to discuss with specialists, it is about listening to them,” said the president of the commission. In addition, he argued that the term required for an open, in-depth consultation will be given to sectors that must give a technical opinion “on electrical and constitutional matters.”

Meanwhile, on the part of the PRI parliamentary group, Congressman Marco Antonio Mendoza Bustamante mentioned that in the debate around the electricity reform there must be a political and technical division; The participation of specialists has a fundamental reason: to listen to them to analyze and understand in depth the topics that the proposal contains.

The deputy Leonel Godoy Rangel (Morena) proposed that the Open Parliament on this proposal be for technicians and specialists, with the aim of not engulfing the dialogue in a political debate.

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