Recognized for his work with FKA Twigs as well as for a handful of scholars singles Breaking new ground in the field of English bass music, composer Lewis Roberts took almost ten years to finally launch his first album. A short, dense and meticulous record: Roberts is a masterpiece of electronic sounds, his musical vision of impressive precision, like a synth timbre, such a sound manipulation of a note also serving as a percussive element, each element of a composition. having its function. We think of Oneohtrix Point Never for the complex harmonic sequences, of Autechre for the rich textures, but Koreless avoids being too cerebral by referring through the album to the UK garage (Joy Squad), at the house (magnificent Shellshock) or melodic trance (Black Rainbow), introducing female voices doctored to provoke universal emotions. Open was overdue, but does not disappoint.


★★★ 1/2

Koreless, Young

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