Ontario: an arms import operation interrupted by a Yorkshire

Firearms dealers in Ontario had no doubts that an operation to import firearms from the United States by drone was going to be interrupted by a Yorkshire terrier, a small dog.

On April 29 at around 4:00 a.m., the traffickers had planned to taxi the small remote-controlled plane down the St. Clair River and back up to Sarnia.

On the way to the craft, Pepper, the small dog residing in Port Lambton, on the way to the drone, felt like going to urinate. His master is forced to go out with his animal. Upon exiting, Pepper notices movement, the drone flying overhead. He decides to look into this unusual situation.

“At that point I realized there was a guy out there trying to stay out of the light,” the dog’s owner told The Globe and Mail. “I, being curious, grabbed a flashlight and asked what he was doing.”

Surprised by the question and the presence of the small dog, the man takes to his heels, takes refuge in a car and flees, while forgetting the drone, in which there were eleven pistols intended for the resale market weapons in Toronto, according to the Ontario Provincial Police.

“I realize now that this guy was trying to land a drone in my backyard, which has no trees unlike a lot of other properties in the neighborhood,” Pepper’s owner added. “We had to throw him around a bit in a curve, so he took off and called off the operation.”


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