One dead and three injured in an accident at the Ascó plant

  • A worker has called 112 alerting of an escape that the central had not yet communicated to the Mossos, Bombers, SEM, or the Civil Guard, which has troops assigned to the place

A person has died and three more have turned out minor injuries by inhalation of carbon dioxide in an incident in the Ascó nuclear power plant (Ribera d’Ebre), according to sources from the Bombers de la Generalitat. The leak occurred while recharging a fire protection system, which would have caused a CO2 leak, which is used to put out fires that may break out in the plant. The Bombers have sent seven crews and the Sistema d’Emergències Mediques (SEM) four ambulances. When they arrived, in the area of ​​the escape there were four affected workers, one dead and three others injured. The deceased is a firefighter from the same nuclear plant, who has his own emergency team, and who has acted in the first instance.

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According to the sources consulted by EL PERIÓDICO, the Mossos d’Esquadra learned of the incident thanks to a call from one of the workers at the nuclear plant. After the warning, a call to 112, the Catalan police contacted the Center for Operational Coordination of Catalonia (CECAT), which did not know anything about the accident. Later, the same police command has called the Bombers, who were also not aware of what happened in Ascó. Third, the Mossos have spoken with the Civil Guard, which is in charge of protecting this central and has personnel permanently displaced to the place. The armed institute had no record of the incident either. Lastly, the Mossos have called directly to the nuclear power plant to contrast the call of the person who, through 112, claimed to be an employee of the plant and to alert about a CO2 leak with injuries. A technician from the plant has confirmed the veracity of the call and explained that the emergency teams available to the plant were already working on the incident.

Sources from the Bombers, for their part, explain that the notice of the Ascó emergency has come through a call to 112.

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