Originally, the role of the king’s madman was to entertain with antics. Over time, impertinence, irreverence, and even brazenness were added to the prank, which earned the prankster many enemies.

I do not understand, given the attributes of his character, that the malicious question asked to Mr. Camara by Dany Turcotte concerning the use of a cell phone while driving has triggered an outcry on social networks. That such a trifle arouses indignation leaves one speechless. We can now ask ourselves what we can say that will not cause disgrace.

I don’t know if Turcotte is leaving of his own free will or if he has been “resigned”, but in either case, this departure seems unjustified to me. It seems to me that since the time he participates in Everybody talks about it, Turcotte threw much sharper points to more than one guest without making any drama.

Are we going to replace Dany Turcotte? I doubt. What sane person would put their head on the block week after week? Unless the replacement is required to simply praise the guests.


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