Oceanography ensures that it will not be an obstacle to the sale of Citibanamex

the shipping company Oceanography He has assured that he will not oppose the sale of Citibanamex nor will it be an obstacle to the sale of Citibanamex.

The foregoing, after it was announced last Friday that a judge in Mexico City, based on a lawsuit by the shipping company against Citibanamexhas issued precautions that will halt the sale announced by Citigroup until the legal process is resolved.

This Wednesday during his morning conference, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stated that, from his government, the procedures for the sale of Banamex would be facilitated, and he even announced that, if necessary, intervention would be requested from the Judiciary, so that pending legal matters can be resolved, such as the lawsuit Oceanography has against the bank.

The president recalled that this shipping company – which had been providing services to Pemex for a long time – was one of the favorites of the governments of Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón, and they awarded millionaire contracts.

“They gave many contracts by direct order and they also had the support of the Ministry of Finance, and that operation was carried out (with Citibanamex) of some credits and falsification of invoices, a corruption lawsuit at the top, as it previously was “, He said.

In this sense, he mentioned that he does not want there to be “legal” obstacles or traps to prevent the bank from operating.

Celebrate that there are interested groups

In a brief statement, Oceanography even celebrated that there are Mexican groups that are interested in a financial institution that was born in Mexico, and that generates thousands of jobs in the country.


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