Netflix wants to charge more for sharing account with people who do not live in the same house

Netflix is testing features, including one to allow accounts to be shared outside subscribers’ homes at an additional cost, the company said Wednesday.

The functions are being tested in Chile, Costa Rica and Peruand they allow members of their standard and premium plans to add two people.

Netflix It’s also looking at another service that will let subscribers of a basic, standard, or premium plan transfer their profile information to a new account or a subaccount that retains data such as viewing history and personalized recommendations.

Currently, the company allows people who live together to share their Netflix account. However, the plans have created some confusion about when and how accounts can be shared, the company said, adding that was affecting its ability to invest in new content.

The company said it would test the features to determine their usefulness before making changes in other parts of the world.

In January, Netflix moderated its growth expectations, projecting customer additions in the first quarter at less than half of Wall Street expectations.

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