Multiple universities close down campus as blizzard is set to hit Manitoba

As Manitoba waits to be hit by a major blizzard, universities in the province are preparing to close their campuses for a brief time.

The University of Manitoba announced that it will switch to remote learning on April 13 and 14.

“Weather conditions are expected to be extremely poor with dangerous road conditions, and all non-essential in-person activity should be postponed or moved to remote,” the school said on its website.

If staff and students are not required to be on campus, they are being asked to not attend.

The University of Winnipeg is taking similar steps as the campus will be closed for the next two days and only essential services are expected to take place.

Red River College Polytech said its campus will be operating at “limited capacity.” It said that critical staff will be allowed on campus and the school doesn’t expect things to return to normal until April 19.

Classes will also be done remotely and the school noted students will not be negatively impacted if the storm prevents them from being able to do work.

Out in Brandon, Brandon University said its campus will also be closed until Monday and people are being told to stay home.

Any exams that were scheduled for the next two days will be rescheduled with the school saying all other exams are not expected to be affected.

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