Motorola presents the new motorola edge 30 pro, get to know it!

Tech lovers have a new object of desire: the Motorola Edge 30 Pro. A high-end smartphone that stands out for its excellent processing, a camera experience that takes photography to the next level, and an unmatched screen.

This was announced during the launch of this new model, in which Fabio Oliveira, general manager of Motorola Mexico, revealed that the brand is in first place in the smartphone industry with a 22.6% market share, according to with figures from the IDC Mobile Phone Tracker.

The also VP highlighted that in Latin America, Motorola grew 51%, and Mexico continues to be a key country for the company at a global level, a country in which it ranks second.

A more powerful Motorola

The Qualcomm processor -considered the most advanced today- with Snapdragon 8® Gen 1 of the Motorola Edge 30 Pro, allows the mobile platform to be fast and powerful; which takes it “to the limit of performance,” according to Armando Rangel, Motorola’s product manager.

In fact, the Moto Edge 30 Pro is considered a leader at the processing level, whose technology allows its connection connectivity to be ultra-fast and support WiFi 6E, in addition to faster 5G connections, incredible gaming experiences and professional-quality cameras.

Other important features are represented by its 4800 mAh battery, 68 W charger, 256 GB storage and 12 GB RAM.

Photos and videos with faster and more accurate focus

Its 60 MP front-facing camera is ideal for taking high-resolution selfies, shooting cinematic-quality 8K video, or HDR10+ video with over a billion shades of color.

Added to this are two 50 MP cameras in which wide-angle shots or close-ups are very detailed; without forgetting that it is faster and more precise to focus on a target, even in low light conditions (it has night vision automatically).

As if that were not enough, its rear main camera has optical image stabilization (OIS) that prevents photos from being blurred (avoiding vibrations when walking, for example).

In addition, the Moto Edge 30 Pro uses a 6.7″ Oled Max Vision screen, in which real colors and deeper blacks stand out, which allow you to enjoy sharper and more defined images thanks to Full HD resolution.

elegant design

With an elegant, sophisticated and three-dimensional design with a matte finish that shines with different shades of colors, in addition to a rounded frame on the edges of the device, the Motorola Edge 30 Pro also stands out for being very light, modern, functional and ergonomic.

It is available in the colors cosmic green and stardust white, which are inspired by the sky.

Ready for

Thinking that more and more users use their equipment both for entertainment and for work, the Moto Edge 30 Pro has a Ready For connection, which allows you to connect -via bluetooth or cable- the smartphone to a television, monitor, webcam or some other accessory.

Gamers will also be able to enjoy the Snapdragon Elite (which includes more than 50 functions that optimize games such as screen layout or the use of new fonts), in addition to being able to take screenshots or capture videos on the screen without any problem.

For its part, Snapdragon Sound gives the phone super clear audio with surround sound quality in 2 stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos technology.

And another novelty is represented by the Motorola Turbopower wall charger, which is capable of recharging up to 50% of the battery in just 15 minutes.

In this way, Motorola not only remains at the forefront of its equipment, but also cares about continuing to innovate and provide the highest quality experience at an affordable price -of $25,989 pesos- within the high range, in a equipment that will surely become iconic of the company: the new moto edge 30 pro.

Inclusion and democratization of technology

At the event, Rodrigo Díaz, director of marketing for Motorola Mexico, pointed out that the brand has always been characterized by inclusion. An example of this is represented by the “Power to empower” campaign in which, as part of having a positive impact around the community, an indigenous language (the Cherokee language) was included in the equipment’s software, contributing to its conservation. New languages ​​will be introduced later.

He added that Motorola’s DNA has been the democratization of technology, and its intention is to promote 5G technology, so they currently have more than 10 products compatible with this technology, in addition to having some of the most accessible products that there is on the market.

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