More than a thousand migrants march from Chiapas to Mexico City

More than a thousand undocumented migrants began to march this Saturday from the state of Chiapas, southeast of Mexico, towards the capital of the country, informed AFP Irineo Mujica, a member of the organization Peoples Without Borders.

“We are going to advance peacefully because there are many of us and we are united,” Mujica said in a telephone interview.

“Let’s get to the Mexico City“added the activist accompanying the migrants.

To the cry of Freedom! Central Americans and Caribbean, among those who are minors, pushed a migratory checkpoint in the Viva México community, from Tapachula, Chiapas, bordering with Guatemala, according to television pictures.

On Tapachula migrants seeking refuge have settled in Mexico, especially central americans and Haitians fleeing violence and poverty in their countries.

Tens of thousands of them entered Mexico in recent months along the southern border with Guatemala, with the intention of crossing the northern limit towards USA.

“My goal is to get to the Mexico City and so that they process the documents faster, we already have here (in Tapachula) five six months, “José, a young man from Honduras that advances in the march in a wheelchair.

“Let’s go to the Mexico City to ask please that we be given freedom in this country (…) we have been held here for six months, we can no longer, here we have no work, “said Joseph, from Nicaragua.

The mexican authorities they have dissolved several caravans, amid allegations of abuse of authority.

In September, thousands of Haitians managed to advance and meet under a border bridge, without achieving their purpose of obtaining asylum in American territory. Many decided then to ask refuge in Mexico.

According to official figures, 1.3 million migrants have been detained on the southern US border since the arrival of the president Joe Biden to White House in January, a migratory wave that had not been seen for 20 years.

The organization Human Rights Watch denounces that Mexico has expelled some 54,000 foreigners so far in 2021.


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