Montesquieu and linguistic immersion, by Jordi Nieva

New chapter in the endless story of linguistic system in Catalan education. Over the years, groups of parents who wanted to educate their children, either exclusively in Spanish, or preferably in a model of strict bilingualism, went to court trying to rectify current Spanish and European regulations. His mobilization was recognized as a vehicle for Spanish by the constitutional Court in its ruling on the Statute of 2010. This led to changes in the Spanish regulations to that effect. And since then, there have been judicial pronouncements in the last decade that are contradictory with the previous jurisprudence and with the regulations agreed during the Transition and subsequent years. It is ignored so Spain is a multilingual State, and that for this reason governments carry out measures of protection of their languages ​​for being a minority in the State and for having been historically vilified repeatedly, being almost a miracle that they have survived.

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