Mexico is present at the fashion week in Dubai

Mexico is the country that will inaugurate the fashion pavilion of the Expo Dubai 2020. This edition will be the first time that fashion will be presented within this exhibition. On this occasion Brenda Jaet, director of Dubai Fashion México, chose seven outstanding designers who will have the mission of exalting what is fashion on this side of the world under the theme of tolerance and inclusion.

The director made the selection of designers thinking about the firms that have that message in their brand: fashion for everyone. And he also thought of designers who have some social or environmental cause with your signature and thus go with a double and powerful message.

“I lived frustrated, all industries such as music, art, dance were included in the agenda that Dubai presents every year, and fashion never, this time they have let us in, this door that I managed to open, I hope it does not close and that next year it will come with a list of 17 designers and not 7 ”, she commented excitedly Brenda Jaet, in an interview for The Economist.

Expo 2020 Dubai It is a pavilion that has 192 countries invited to present the best of their culture in general. This world exhibition lasts 6 months, in order that the majority of people can attend and in this way a housing bubble. These types of activities have existed for more than 170 years with the aim of being an apolitical event focused on the advancement of humanity, the first world exhibition was held in London in 1851.

This time Bernardo noval, the manager of the pavilion of Mexico on Dubai, in a talk she told Brenda Jaet, fashion communicator, what she was doing for the Expo Dubai and immediately joined forces to seek the resources and bring mexican fashion to know her to the world, to see the folklore and creativity, the elegance and general influence of the country due to the variety of climate we have and the range of proposals that Mexico he always has under his arm. “The idea is to reactivate the economy, to achieve these bilateral business relationships, where both they (foreigners) invest in the country or give their point of sale to the designers we carry, to raise orders, that it’s the roll, ”says Brenda.

With the support of the Secretary of Foreign Relations And with the sponsorship of private companies, the designers’ catwalks will be presented from November 14 to 20: Benito santos, Armando Takeda, Lydia Lavin, Montserrat Messeguer, Pineda Covalin, Carlos Pineda and Jasive fernandez.

“If we knew a little more about our designers, to its processes, to the hands behind the industry, we would buy it more, and it would be difficult for us to go back to consuming clothes that were not from our people ”.

The designers that are going to represent Mexico in this pavilion have a very characteristic stamp of their signature, for example: Benito santos, is the designer who makes fancy dresses for all kinds of event, for glamorous women, has dressed to Ximena Navarrete, the former first lady Angelica Rivera, the actress Maite Perroni and has a line of wedding dresses and tailoring. Benito Santos dresses are a dream come true, they are always full of volume and femininity.

Lydia Lavin is a firm that is characterized by having embroidery, lace, ruffles and is clothing for women on the move, women who love to be elegant but always full of color. The signature of Montserrat Messeguer, daughter of Lydia Lavin and who, like most designers, uses her name as a brand, is cowgirl, fresh, youthful, daring but always thinking about the aesthetics of clothing used in the north, with the plus of being It can be used in the province, city, or in the most elegant event or casual meal with friends or work. Her signature is so striking that the pop artist Dua LipaWhen he came to Mexico, he wore the pink cowgirl hat with silver details from Montserrat’s signature and it was what he showed off the most on his social networks.

Armando Takeda is a Mexican / Japanese designer who is characterized by making minimalist garments, fuses traditional techniques with contemporary fashion and highlights craftsmanship, this designer has worked in large luxury firms such as Alexander McQueen and it is from the designers who are always present in the editions of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Ricardo Covalin is the creative designer of the firm Pineda Covalin, which fills her clothes with flowers, is characterized by using a rich palette of colors and proposals, which makes her signature not go unnoticed. One of his favorite figures to use in his proposals is the Monarch butterfly, a beautiful insect that also inspired Dubai Fashion México to use it in the logo of the pavilion. Brenda Jaet explained to us that “Mexicans always return to our country, foreigners always fall in love with Mexico and they come back, that’s how Monarch butterfly, he always returns to his country ”, that is why both in the designer’s pieces and in the logo it is impossible for us not to stop to admire the beauty of this insect.

Carlos Pineda is a designer that uses a single color for the entire garment, this brand is full of ruffles, versatility, freshness and elegance. The dresses and skirts are a tribute to the folk dance skirts.

Finally Jasive fernandez makes all kinds of clothing including footwear for women who like to dress “serious” but with special details that enhance their clothing.

“I am delighted, it is a dream come true, I did not have in mind that it would be this way, but with my 20 years in the industry and knowing it, I know that we have everything it takes to succeed in the world, but we lack infrastructure and support from both the government and the industry itself, speaking of entrepreneurs, but we have the talent ”commented Brenda Jaet,

In an interview with Benito santos, a designer from Jalisco and a fashion icon in Mexico, told us about his enthusiasm and told us about the catwalk that he will present in the pavilion of Dubai which is also the spring / summer 2022 collection, there will be 24 departures. It is a collection inspired by glazed clay pottery from San José de Gracia MichoacánA peculiar handicraft of the region, we mainly find it in the form of pineapple vases, it is so shiny that it is used to decorate homes and gives life to every corner with the light that the material emits.

Designer Benito Santos

Designer Benito Santos

The range of colors will be brilliant and will range from imperial blue, emerald green, saffron yellow, red and the black color that always takes strength in their collections. It will have a variation of fabrics and textures because it made sublimates on polyester, that is, there will be fabrics with special prints, there is silk, organza, satin, chiffon, and crepe, the clothes are easy to transport and they are fresh. “The style is always to make well-stylized silhouettes, but this time I introduced oversize pieces for the interpretation of the vases, so that they have the similarity, there is a great set of silhouettes that is well integrated.”

This exhibition is divided by themes each week already Mexico and fashion touches him in the week that will talk about tolerance and inclusion, an issue that makes a lot of sense with the introduction of new garments both from the designer Benito santos, like the task that all creatives carry to make carvings for bodies from different nations. The director of Dubai Fashion México, commented on the importance of continuing to fight for a fashion for all, speaking of both gender and body types. “I like to continue with this narrative because the fashion industry lends itself well to being exclusive by asking for very thin bodies or certain physical characteristics and models of different ethnicities were chosen to show off the catwalks of the mexican designers”.

This is how fashion industry stands up to begin to open great ties and that clothes are consumed in a better way, a premise that all large fashion events that propose trends as their main message.


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