Mexican companies invest 2.3 million dollars in privacy in 2021

Mexican companies are making 2.7 million dollar investments in sales, privacy-oriented projects and personal data protection, including the most recent Privacy Report Cisco, which analyzes the responses to interviews conducted by 4,900 security and privacy professionals in 27 countries around the world, including Mexico.

The companies’ increments of form consistently the amount that destined to privacy because he gave account of that concept generates value. According to the Cisco report, the meeting of professionals surveyed at the global level shows that the company obtains a return on its inversion of more than 100 percent per cent.

Agreeing with the report, the vast majority of companies, not only in Mexico are at the global level, confident that privacy is an integral part of its culture; also, in that it is treated as an imperative of negotiation and no more complicity in compliment; but above all, there are agreements that do not protect the data of its customers, they do not demand its products.

Mario de la Cruz, Director of Government Relations with Cisco for Latin America, compile the results of the document that takes into account that, in Mexico, the optimism of the companies, the extraction and filtering of data processed by public and private entities is a constant. The directive affirms that while companies allow privacy as a critical factor in their business, they are also aware that cybersecurity risks are always present.

“Organizations are required to maintain the ethical responsibility of their users’ personal information, as they are majoring in inversions to it, because they are returning to the inversion. It is not a total result, but there is a demand that the dates will be ethical, ”he said.

Personal Data Protection Act

The security and privacy professionals in Mexico are among those most distant from the impact he has had on the national laws on the matter. protection of personal data. Nearly 92% of those surveyed in Mexico believe that Mexican data protection laws have a positive impact, a percentage that is practically the same in all other countries.

Although, according to De Cruz, transparency is the key to the treatment of personal data, the Mexican legislation on personal data protection, on the other hand, that directs private agents, notices the obligation to notify the extraction or filtering of personal data of their customers or users, so that companies are not obliged to disclose when they suffer a security incident affecting the information of its customers.

“It is very important that there is transparency on the part of the organizations when there is a breach of security. This is an element of transparency and a fundamental element that should be in all legislation, not more in Mexico, ”he said.

Artificial Intelligence

The report of Cisco It also considers the concept that customers and users receive from the companies and their personal data by means of artificial intelligence. Following the analysis, the users’ screen shows that they can not protect their data because they do not know what the companies are doing to them.

Cisco has established a state of trust for the treatment of personal data by means of artificial intelligence that includes its principles: transparency, justice, rendering of accounts, privacy, security and reliability.

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