A multiple accident on the AP-7 in Agullana between three trucks and a passenger car ended with one death and three injuries of varying degrees. The accident happened this afternoon at 19:49 at kilometer 9 of the highway in the direction of France, 500 meters from the exit to enter the Porta Catalana service area. It involved three trucks with cargo and a passenger car, which was left in the middle of the other vehicles and the driver was trapped without being able to get out.

The Fire Brigade of the Generalitat went to the scene and had to rescue the driver of the car, who died as a result of the accident.

The incident also caused three more injuries: one light and two less seriously injured.

Aggression between stakeholders

According to initial information, one of those involved would have attacked another of the drivers after the accident.

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One of the trucks loaded paper rolls, the second ceramic pieces for construction and the third mechanical safety equipment. Four vehicles of the fire brigade, the Mossos d’Esquadra and ambulances of the medical emergency system were transferred to the scene to look after the injured.

The incident caused three kilometers of retention. The three lanes of the motorway in the direction of France were cut off.

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