Mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas, offers a public apology to three CDMX police officers

The mayor in CuauhtemocSandra Cuevas, offered an apology in person to three managers of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC-CDMX), who were stripped of their equipment and locked up in a city hall auditorium.

The coordinator of advisors and spokesperson for the Attorney General of Mexico CityUlises Lara López, shared a video where the mayor is seen expressing the apology.

“That is why I am writing to you, Audencio Faustino García Luna, director of Region II of the auxiliary police of Mexico City; Eduardo Camacho García, director of sector 52 of the auxiliary police and Marcos David Chávez Arreola, that I am kind enough to address you to offer you my most sincere apologies, and to tell you that I am sorry. I also apologize to the citizens who have placed their trust”, expressed Sandra Cuevas.

This new apology was due to the fact that the SSCCDMX commanders did not accept the first message from the mayor where she said she did not accept the facts for which she was denounced, and for this reason a control judge of the North Prison summoned her to rectify her statements, Otherwise, he could suspend her from office again.

Ulises Lara López explained that the precautionary measures ordered by the control judge prevail against Sandra Cuevasincluding taking psychological therapies to control emotions and anger, as well as avoiding approaching the three auxiliary police officers who denounced her.

“The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City reiterated that its criteria are aimed at seeking justice for the victims and endorse that each and every public servant has a social obligation, a commitment to citizenship,” said Ulises Lara.

Ex-treasurer of Gutiérrez de la Torre arrested

In a message to the media, the coordinator of advisers and spokesman for the prosecution reported the arrest in Hidalgo of Roberto Zamorano Pineda, former Secretary of Finance of the PRI of Mexico City, accused of financially serving the prostitution network that was allegedly headed by the former leader of that party in the capital, Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez de la Torre, who is already under arrest.

He mentioned that Roberto Zamorano has an arrest warrant issued in March 2021, for his probable participation in the crime of human trafficking and criminal association.

Narvarte Case

Regarding the so-called Narvarte Case, which occurred on July 31, 2015. When the domestic worker Alejandra Negrete; makeup artist Yesenia Quiroz; the model Mile Virginia Martín; the activist Nadia Vera, and the photojournalist Rubén Espinosa, the prosecutor’s advisor coordinator said that the case file is still open.

He indicated that there is an investigation plan under eight hypotheses of the case, for which pertinent investigations are being carried out. He mentioned that the Prosecutor’s Office takes note of the statements made by relatives of the victims about their demand to find those responsible and achieve justice.

He mentioned that between 2019 and 2020 compensation was delivered to four families of the victims, despite the fact that one of the families rejected the initial amount.

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