Manitobans could soon have an electronic driver’s license as a result of a new bill introduced Wednesday.

The provincial government put forward amendments to the Drivers and Vehicles Act, the Highway Traffic Act and the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Act.

The government said these changes would improve the systems in place for Manitobans.

“The new bill would help to improve Manitoba’s driver licensing, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance framework,” said Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen in a news release.

Goertzen, who is the minister in charge of Manitoba Public Insurance, said this would provide better value for Manitobans and align with other jurisdictions.

Some of the changes could give Manitobans the option to choose between a physical or electronic copy of a driver’s license or identification card.

It would also give motor vehicle registries the authority to give a temporary driver’s license while an application is being processed.

“The bill includes amendments to the Highway Traffic Act that would increase the minimum amount of required automotive third-party liability insurance to $500,000 from $200,000 and enable regulations to specify the procedure for surrendering a license, permit or registration issued in electronic format,” the province said in a release.

The changes to the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Act would let insurers consider a person’s claims history and also driver premiums could be implemented on the approval of the Public Utilities Board without putting them in regulations.

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