Madame Chasse-Taches: a versatile tea bag

In the kitchen

Our grandmothers favorite quick sauce to accompany roast beef was simply a mixture of the pan juices to a cup of tea.

To rehydrate dried fruit, simply soak it in a hot cup of tea.

Efficient cleaning

A cloth soaked in cooled tea gives a mirror its shine while removing stubborn stains.

Quickly clean the stained bottoms of the decanters by adding a few tea leaves, mixed with coarse salt and a little water. Shake vigorously.

Restore an aged appearance to a lace by pouring a cup of tea with the rinse water. This bath will give it a beautiful ivory color.

If the food has stuck in the pot, cover the bottom with boiling water, add a few infused tea bags and let sit for a few hours.

Two tea bags infused in 1 liter (4 cups) of hot water will clean hardwood floors while hiding small discolorations. Allow the water to cool before using it for this cleaning.

Relief assured

Stop the bleeding after a tooth is extracted by placing a damp tea bag on the wound. Leave it on for a few minutes before removing it.

To deflate and rest tired eyelids, apply two tea bags that will have steeped for a few minutes. On the other hand, to reduce dark circles, affix infused green tea bags.

Troubleshooting for odors

A used and dried tea bag eliminates bad odors in sports shoes.

In the fridge, recycle a few infused tea bags by placing them in a bowl. They will bring a fresh smell inside the device.

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