Construction of Russian-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline completed

Construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been completed. This pipeline, disputed in particular by Ukraine, will supply Russian gas to Germany.

Construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been completed. The announcement was made on Friday by the Russian giant Gazprom.

This is the culmination of a project started in 2018: the installation of a tube over 1,200 kilometers long in the Baltic Sea, which connects Russia to Germany.

Capable of delivering 55 billion m3 of gas per year, this infrastructure could be commissioned before the end of the year.

In Europe, this project is mainly carried out by Germany. For Berlin, this supply channel is essential to accomplish its energy transition.

Most several other western countries are hostile to it.

They believe that this gas pipeline only increases European dependence on Russia in terms of energy.

The United States, in particular, opposed Nord Stream, because this pipeline thwarts their ambitions. The Americans would indeed like to sell their shale gas to the Europeans.

Most the most fierce detractor of the project is Ukraine. And for good reason. Until then, Russian gas destined for Europe had passed through Ukraine, which received money for it.

There, the shortfall for Kiev is estimated at nearly one billion euros per year.

The Ukrainian president had pleaded his case to the German chancellor and even to the American president.

Joe Biden, who, unlike his predecessor, dropped ballast in this Nord Stream issue, not wanting to hurt the privileged relations between the United States and Germany.

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