What is life made of? Everything and very varied according to my experience this week. I started Monday working with Boris Izaguirre. He told us about his time in the operating room. He gave me goosebumps. He had various symptoms before deciding to go to the hospital. She ignored them. He had commitments and he pushed forward, as we do so many, we have to fulfill and surrender. I thought of my partner, his sudden and unexpected death three years ago, the torture it has been for me not being able to prevent it. Thanks to Boris’s honesty and his sweetness, I understood that it is not easy to foresee death. My partner and I do not act worse than many others, we are weak, we are human. I was moved to hear Boris talk about his surgeon, about her small and deft hands to which he entrusted his fate. He overwhelmed me like when years ago Olga Perez, colleague of this newspaper, told me about the heart attack of her husband, Oskar, in the middle of the street in San Sebastian. A passerby helped her, her heart resisted the attack and she was saved from her. A jolt of emotion shakes me if anyone survives. It is the purest joy, it brings you to tears, it tells you miracles are possible.

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