Citizen Lab investigates whether Pegasus spied on another 150 people

Citizen Lab, the University of Toronto laboratory that uncovered ‘Catalangate’, is investigating whether other 150 people were spied on with the computer program pegasus, according to what ‘El Confidencial’ has advanced this Saturday. Specifically, the digital newspaper points out that 65 independentistas initially spied on would be collaborating with the entity to clarify whether, through access to their devices, part of their contacts were also spied on. Among the new possible affected would be journalists Catalan and state media.

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This second phase of espionage could have occurred through access to the contact book once a telephone had already been tapped, so that, in some cases, it could have affected people who do not belong to politics or live in Catalonia. According to sources familiar with the investigation, quoted by ‘El Confidencial’, the espionage would also have affected aid workers and political advisers, journalists or members of civil society linked to Cultural Omniumthe ANC or the CDRs.

For that contagion – the Citizen Lab laboratory would have located up to 200 SMS messages for that purpose – text messages that appeared to be news, Twitter updates, Social Security notifications, government notices about covid, or package shipments and boarding passes were used. In addition, according to ‘El Confidencial’, Citizen Lab would have increased its tracking capacity to android phonesbecause until now it was only possible to know if a device in the apple brand (an iPhone running iOS) had been infected with spyware.

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