Laura Bozzo reappears on social networks and asks for help

  • Laura Bozo reappears, but on social networks
  • She is accused of tax evasion in Mexico
  • You did not show up for your appointment by a judge due to debts

After several days ‘hidden’ when being pointed out for alleged tax evasion, the Peruvian driver Laura Bozzo finally reappears on social networks, but only to break the silence and says if she will leave Mexico, according to a publication she made in her bill official Twitter.


As it will be recalled, the Peruvian driver did not appear for the appointment made by a judge due to debts with the SAT, so she preferred to do so through her Twitter account and explained what she will do from now on with her stay in this country , since he has not shown his face.


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Without saying anything else, he only managed to write: “I have decided to temporarily suspend my account because it has been hacked, for two weeks I will not be there and I hope to end this nightmare as soon as possible, nor dead I will leave MEXICO I love you”, this later of a series of messages that he made just yesterday and that he did not specify if they were true or not.

Although she received some supportive comments, other people ‘busted’ her in that social network: “I send you a big hug my little laurita”, “good luck Laura”, “look like a good Peruvian”, “Hello Laura, I support you”, were the few positive messages towards the driver.


Tax evasion
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One more person joined the supporters and wrote about the situation: “My Lau, I hope you are well, whether it is true or a lie, we must fulfill our duties as citizens, I hope you are in good health, God bless you and protect, kisses ”.

Another one showed his support in the face of the accusations against him of alleged tax evasion in Mexico: “This is what Ms. When people do not love us, they do the impossible, to invent things so that one can leave… .UD. as a lawyer she knows how to defend. So God bless her ”. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Reappears

Laura Bozzo reappears: PAYMENT OR JAIL

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But then came the strong criticism: “Just as you can tweet, you can also pay, don’t play the victim and pay what you owe to the Mexicans”, “no, you’re not going to leave or anything because you won’t be able to escape from JAIL and then if you don’t want to leave we will send you deported ”.

“Ntp in jail you stay in Mexico, they won’t let you out, it’s a win-win between you and the whole world”, “hahaha Are you still with that? Ridiculous pay your taxes and go “,” pay or jail, because ordinary Mexicans do pay! You are not from here and you want to rob our people! Either you pay or go to jail, think about it! ”, More people told him.

Laura Bozzo reappears: “GO TO THE LAW”

Laura Bozzo reappears
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However, that comment generated more hatred among some Mexicans: “Hahahaha you want to see our stupid faces, that you believe your lies does not mean that we too, pay that Mexicans are in jail for less and obviously you will not leave Mexico because they don’t accept you anywhere ”.

“Hacked? Better adhere to the law, doñita, and appear before the Mexican justice, without a doubt not even fart leaving Mexico because it has the audience more complex and easy to manipulate, better give them the example of BECOMING RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTS “, he recriminated another user.

Laura Bozzo reappears: ASK FOR HELP

Laura Bozzo reappears
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And it is that before, in his account some writings appeared published in which he regretted not having complied with the tax debt and assured that he had understood that “he had three years to do so.” “If I did not appear, it is because my health problems endorsed by doctors was an anticipated death sentence,” he said on the social network.

In August, a judge in charge of the hearing, and at the request of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), ordered justified preventive detention in the Santiaguito Prison, in Almoloya de Juárez, for the driver. This, for committing a tax crime that exceeds 12 million pesos, which caused it to be linked to a process with preventive detention.


It was on September 20, 2021 that the artist reappeared with these messages in which she confesses what happened and directly blames her accountants for the financial situation she is going through and also confesses terrible news for her family.

The Peruvian interacted with the people and answered some comments and in a verbatim way said: “Thank you, you do not know the horrors that I am going through by trusting criminals, I am very bad, I lost everything”, this in relation to the situation that is going through with tax authorities who demand money not reported to the federal coffers. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Reappears


After not attending the appointment and being considered a ‘fugitive’ or trying to flee from justice, the driver used this social network to justify her failure to comply with the call of an authority that required her to explain the accusation that weighs on her.

“I love them, I believed in people to whom I gave power and they scammed me, it is preferable to believe in the people of the SAT than they thieves.” And then he added to his virtual ‘defense’: “Scammers, those are the accountants, they deceived me, they are disgusting.” Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Reappears


However, there came a time when some people came to insult the Peruvian and she had no choice but to respond and one of her answers was precise: “It may be naca, but never a shoplifter”, which ‘turned on’ the reaction of more Internet users.

But then the artist did not skimp on words to continue justifying the situation she is going through and explained her truth: “I never paid fortunes of taxes with my name, don’t be fooled.” However, there were mixed opinions on his same Twitter account. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Reappears

Laura Bozzo reappears: BRINGS MORE LEGAL ISSUES

Laura Bozzo reappears
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The lawsuit against Laura Bozzo, filed by Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva for defamation, threats, harassment and discrimination, will proceed after the television host did not appear this week for a hearing. The communicator referred to them in a derogatory way, which is why the actors started a lawsuit against them about a year ago.

“The evidence was released and the counterpart did not appear, so the lawsuit proceeds,” said Gabriel Soto to the cameras of the “Hoy” program. As the actors explained, neither Bozzo nor his lawyers appeared at the hearing, in fact, the whereabouts of the television host is unknown after the fiscal problems she has with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) were made known .


Tax evasion
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For Soto and Baeva this resolution will mark the way for the future that other personalities do not go through the same as them. “The objective is to set a precedent that you cannot denigrate in that way, you cannot use that type of language against someone, us in this case, on international television, denigrating our reputation, our dignity, calling us things that they are not relevant, ”Soto said.

“A precedent was set for there to be respect among the people who are behind the microphones and have the power to express their opinion and there is always a limit to freedom of expression.” In addition to a public apology, the celebrities hope that it will be determined how much the compensation will be. Regarding what will happen to Laura Irina expressed her opinion: “I never ever wish anyone bad, but what I do think is that we are all adults and each one is responsible for their decisions and their consequences.” Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Reappears

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