Lassitudes in Morelos

Cuauhtémoc Blanco will serve a four-year term as Governor of Morelos. In this period, according to the most consistent measurements, he has never obtained outstanding marks on his performance; just the opposite.

In the last two months -according to the survey on the performance of male and female governors, published yesterday in this newspaper-, the morenista president is located in the lowest segment of the Mitofsky Ranking, in position 29. The former professional soccer player surpasses the leaders of Colima and Zacatecas.

Insecurity is the main complaint against the Morenoite leaders Indira Vizcaíno and David Monreal. Blanco is currently facing a governance crisis that this week reached its turning point, with the departure of José Manuel Sanz Rivera from the Governor’s Office Headquarters and Héctor Pablo Ojeda Cárdenas from the General Secretariat of Government.

The vacancies were filled by Mónica Boggio Tomasaz Merino, who was Secretary of the State Treasury, and Samuel Sotelo Salgado, who served as legal advisor.

Blanco and Sanz broke up, after almost 25 years of close work. As his representative, in his time as a professional soccer player, but above all as his main adviser since he ventured into partisan politics, Sanz was one of the three essential pieces in the Morelos government scheme.

Ojeda Cárdenas was Blanco’s legal adviser while he served as mayor of Cuernavaca and together with Omar Bravo Medina, the governor’s half brother, was in the closest environment of the morenista president.

The actions of the local Congress and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office to force Blanco Bravo to account for his performance over the last four years and his assets are the culmination of a series of complaints and investigations that do not subside, despite presidential support.

The adjustment in the cabinet coincided with the absence of Bravo Medina, who does not hold a formal position in the Morelos administration, although his wife —Liu León Luna— serves as the head of the Morelos representation in CDMX.

Ulises could not accompany Cuauhtémoc due to force majeure. For five days he has been under medical care in one of the most prestigious facilities in the south of the country’s capital. There is no information available about his evolution and his discharge.

Side effects

SEEDED? The CDMX Secretary of Mobility, Andrés Lajous, questioned the DNV methodology and flatly accused the experts of the Norwegian office of having planted causes of negligence applicable to the current administration of the capital due to the lack of maintenance of Line 12 of the SCT Metro. . Specialists affirm that the steel beam that collapsed had to deform first and show signs that this was happening. Every engineer knows that steel is so noble that it warns before failing and how does it warn? It is deformed and that should have been noticed and it had to be repaired to intervene in the section, a situation that Florencia Serranía did not do during its administration.

FRUSTRATIONS. As soon as Undersecretary Rogelio Jiménez Pons outlined his plan to strengthen the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, with the reduction of operations at the AICM, information emerged about the airworthiness problems in what is already known as the Metropolitan Airport System. In this context, the negotiations of the federal authorities with the national airlines that will have to move to Saint Lucia have taken place. Volaris and Viva Aerobús are already carrying out their work program for AIFA. And Aeromexico?

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