Landfill multinationals refuse to dispose of certain waste

Multinational waste landfills are trying to bring the government to heel by temporarily refusing to eliminate some of their sites, a group for ecological waste management has denounced.

The strategy was deplored by the Quebec Common Front for Ecological Waste Management (FCQGED), in a press release.

“It’s a crisis set up from scratch to force the government to endorse the agenda and the demands of these companies,” said the president of the organization Denis Blaquière. Even the Ministry of the Environment recognizes that there is room for maneuver with the residual landfill capacities.

The FCQGED recalls that three private companies receive nearly 80% of all waste destined for landfill in Quebec. A crisis on waste disposal becomes foreseeable, according to the organization.

In this context, the FCQGED is of the opinion that each citizen must play a role in putting an end to the balance of power of certain multinationals.

According to the most recent study by RECYC-QUÉBEC1, 40% of what is eliminated in Quebec consists of paper, cardboard and organic materials.

“The solutions are more within our reach than we think,” said Mario Laquerre, vice-president of the organization.

“The best way to put an end to these crises created from scratch is to deploy more resources to reduce our waste at source and manage the remaining waste on a regional basis,” concluded Denis Blaquière.

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