It was planned for 2020, but the pandemic, which devastates everything, ended up displacing it. With what the theme of Mental health is the one that occupies a ‘La Marató ‘this year, the 30th anniversary. And the sad chance has made Veronica Forqué, an actress in the spotlight for her disconcerting behavior in the culinary contest ‘Masterchef celebrity’, decided to kill himself just this week and thus uncover a taboo subject, that of suicide, and open a debate on how (badly) society deals with this type of disease. Just what it has been preparing for more than a year TV-3, that this time, in addition to looking research funds, aims to fight against stigmatization of those who suffer them.

And it will this sunday, 19, as always, with a 16-hour program that combines entertainment, testimonies from those affected and scientific information. Well, as always not, because the covid has already started to wreak its havoc and for now low cause Quim Masferrer, one of the 30 presenters, to test positive for covid (the other, Roger Escapes, does it because of his recent paternity) and some plans may “this so extremely complicated editing& rdquor ;, according to Àngels Molina, its director, can be blown up at any time. But what the covid cannot do is with the spirit of ‘La Marató’ and with the commitment of the Catalans in their mission of solidarity.

Sets with a lot of art

As this year the program makes a nod to art, due to its ability to transform pain into beauty, the first part will be performed in sets located in emblematic spaces such as MNAC in Barcelona (Lídia Heredia and Raquel Sans will be there). The Dalí Museum in Girona in Figueres (Gemma Nierga and Ramon Gener), the Roman Amphitheater of Tarragona (Xavi Coral and Espartac Peran) and in the Old Cathedral of Lleida (Núria Solé and Roger de Gràcia). From 5:00 p.m., when ‘La Marató’ returns to Sant Despí, familiar faces will parade from the set and outside.

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Five of the 30 presenters, along with Mari Pau Huguet, have explained this morning in the presentation of ‘La Marató’ the illusion that makes them participate and the important work of the solidarity ‘telethon’. It’s more, Jordi Basté cshared with those present that he is diagnosed of TDH (attention disorder) and an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) mild. “My psychologist told me: you who have a loudspeaker, explain it. & Rdquor; And it will not be the only one. In the program you will see the testimonies of famous faces that tell of the problem suffered: the model Martina Klein talks about his bulimia, the communicator Andreu Buenafuente of her fight against stress, the journalist Mercedes Mila From the depression he suffered, James Rhodes from the trauma he suffered from child abuse. Together with them they will also talk about their mental health problems Kilian Jornet, Verónica Blume, Jordi Díaz, Oriol Mitjà and Glòria Serra.

Come out of the closet

One more step that people who suffer or have suffered from a disorder will also take, testimonies that will be accompanied by those of psychologists and psychiatrists to help better understand these ailments. Entertainment will not be lacking, as always, and more so in a year in which ‘La Marató’ is celebrating with the celebration of its 30th anniversary, with which there will be musical performances by Ana Mena, Miguel Ríos, Alfred García and Sílvia Pérez Cruz, among others. The button that activates the scoreboard, where the amounts collected during the conference are reflected, will be personalized by the artists Jordi Labanda, Javier Mariscal, Joana Santamans and Pilarín Bayés.

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“Diseases have to come out of the closet & rdquor ;, says its director,” because a disease can only be cured when there is no stigma & rdquor ;. And to contribute to this they have prepared a program full of “magic, for the viewer to associate mental health with a spectacular program”. And in which, already before the Forqué tragedy uncovered the subject, already it was planned to talk about suicide. “As the rest of the issues we will do from the dissemination and awareness & rdquor ;, he said,

Catalunya Ràdio will be the one that will kick off on Sunday (8:30 am), led by Joan Botta, although, as explained by Raúl Gordillo, its director, although ‘Adolescents XXL‘is focused this week on this issue, since young people are the most affected by these diseases. But not only. The figures are devastating: 1 in 4 people have suffered or will suffer from a mental health problem. No, don’t look sideways to find them. Maybe we are, or will be, us.

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