Karime Bribiesca, the Mexican model who paraded in Gucci’s 100 years

The Italian fashion brand Gucci, celebrated on November 1, 100 years of existence in the luxury fashion industry. Under the direction of Alessandro Michele, who has been in charge of the brand since January 2015, the centennial of this prestigious fashion house made Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles shine even more with its collection “Love Parade” Spring Summer 2022.

They paraded on the avenue that leads from the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the models came out of the central door of the theater, it was a whole block that was filled with glamor. Attendees were seated in wooden chairs with cloth backs and seats marked with the logo of Gucci, like those used by film directors on set. Attendees watched the parade side by side on the sidewalk of the Hollywood walk of fame, the iconic avenue that is decorated with stars with names of celebrities.

It was a collection inspired by the movie stories that his mother told Alessandro, in the tailoring of the seventies and in the cowboy movies, as well as the dresses with reference to the style of the fashion designer and film director Tom Ford, who was also director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Feathers, transparencies and prints were seen in order to shine and with outfits for everyone. It was a catwalk designed for all body types and for all genders. It was full of color, sensuality and fun: it was set to music with songs that have power in their tonalities and in their lyrics, as well as the message that Michele gave us with her clothes, under the rhythm of “Big Time Sensuality”, “All is Full Of Love ”and“ Jóga ”by the Icelandic artist Björk.

The boulevard was filled with endless celebrities to witness the show that traditionally the luxury brand Gucci he usually does on his catwalks, among them, the Mexican actress Salma Hayek, actress and singer Miley Cyrus, the model and actress Dakota Johnson, the singer-songwriter Billie Eillish, actor, singer and producer Jared Leto and who joined the models to parade one of the outfits that Alessandro Michele selected for him, as well as the actor Macaulay Culkin that in the same way modeled.

The Italian designer, Michele, selected three Mexican models who adorned and made vibrate this catwalk that was baptized “Love Parade”, like the electronic music festival that originated in Germany in 1989, in which it becomes more experimental by going with outfits who have a proposal.

The Mexican models chosen were: Cici Tamez, transgender model; Jennifer Garza, and Karime Bribiesca. These models comply with the essence that the director of the firm wanted to present, they are three types of bodies, face and personality that there is no similarity between them, but there is a great force to stand out as the Mexican women who paraded for Gucci.

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From the land of Guadalajara to the four capitals of the fashion world

Bribiesca shared exclusively for The Economist his experience at Gucci and his career.

“For as long as I can remember, I played at being the Model Barbie,” said Karime Bribiesca.

Karime is originally from Guadalajara, she is 25 years old and debuted in the world of modeling since she was 16. Her professional life alternates between living in Mexico City and New York and has become one of the most recognized and acclaimed faces in the world. fashion industry. It has been the cover of the magazine Elle Mexico, of the magazine Good people from Jalisco, it has been on the pages of Vogue Mexico magazine, it is the cover of Grazia magazine from Bulgaria this month, it has paraded for the collections of national designers and brands: Cancun, Alfredo Martínez, Julia and Renata, Kris Goyri, Pineda Covalin, Cihua, Alexia Ulibarri, Pink Magnolia and Lorraine saravia. He has also given conferences for the Monterrey tech company about his experience as a professional model. Her height of one meter and 78 centimeters, honey-colored eyes, simplicity, grace and security have led her not to take her finger off the line and to stay in the world of modeling.

In 2011 he debuted in Elite Model Look Paris modeling agency. Bribiesca began his career with Fashion Week México and they looked for it so that it was also in Fashion Week Tokio and Fashion Week Nueva York. She has been present in the four main cities of fashion: New York, London, Milan and Paris.

They are called the cities of fashion because from what these capitals propose, trends are made worldwide, it is a key center for the fashion industry. Being in these four cities as a professional model is the goal to be fulfilled for every top model and although Karime has already done it, her dreams and her career continue to grow.

In 2014 Karime, was part of the prestigious international catwalk of the firm 3.1 Phillip Lim, eponymous luxury fashion brand created by Lim, a peculiar Taiwanese designer because he annually presents 5 collections for women a world traditional designer presents two annual spring-summer / autumn-winter collections, and one for men, this designer since 2005 who presented his catwalk in New York has obtained the award of CFDa (Council of Fashion Designers of America), award that goes to the designer of the year.

This November 2021, Bribiesca walked the Gucci catwalk, which also celebrated the 100 years of the Italian firm’s anniversary, where she wore a slip dress, which ended straight above the knee, in a strapless cut, beige. of transparent lace fabric, turquoise blue stockings and footwear. She wore black platform sneakers with bare toes that closed with a bracelet around her ankles. Dress that belongs to the sexy part of the collection.

The Mexican model is part of modeling agencies in different countries: in Mexico she is with MMrunway, in the United States she is with Fusion Models NYC, in Barcelona she is with Sight Management Studio, in Paris she is with Women Management Paris, in London she is with Established Models In Japan it is with Donna Models and in Germany it is with Mirrrs Models.

Being part of so many agencies as a model and in different parts of the world is not an easy task, each agency has parameters to meet, as well as a track record to demonstrate and based on that you may or may not belong to one to continue growing, being in an agency is like having a guarantee certificate for who hires you.

Modeling for Gucci

“Everything was super spontaneous, the Gucci house he asked the models directly, ”Bribiesca said. “I was two days before Fitting (clothing fitting and fitting) knowing the designer Alessandro, then they tested me with the clothes and then they confirmed us. On Monday, November 1, we did the rehearsal and on Tuesday, November 2, it was the parade ”.

She commented that being selected for the Gucci catwalk was surprising and overnight, a common practice of international fashion designers. “Being part of the Gucci catwalk was so magical that until now I still have a hard time expressing myself, but it is definitely one of the best experiences in my career.”

The life of the models is busy, they live from casting to casting, they have to dress in clothes in neutral tones and they must comply with a certain openness for what the brands require, including type of makeup, clothing or city changes if necessary. When asked about bad experiences in his profession, he told us that “What I have dealt with the most is discrimination based on appearance and racism based on nationality. I also think that in general I have learned and those experiences have made me grow ”.

The learning that he has had during his years of work has taught him that “it is a career in which you have to have a lot of patience, you must have a lot of discipline and you must be constant because you are open to rejection 24/7 and 365 days a year. Your career depends on third parties and for one thing or another, sometimes they will not accept you.

It is very important to trust yourself and if you don’t believe in yourself and if you don’t accept yourself as you are, nobody else is going to do it, very important what you reflect on the outside ”said Bribiesca.

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The top model jokingly commented that she always chooses to dress comfortably and in black tones, her favorite brands are Chanel, Tom Ford, Givenchy and DiorShe is a fan of drowned cakes, as a good native of Guadalajara, she likes sweet gummies and marzipan.

Karime, in addition to having all her focus on the world of catwalks, is also an interior design student, one of her goals is to one day be able to join her two passions: interior design and modeling. The 9-year career of the already recognized Mexican top model, regained strength with her presence on this Gucci catwalk, on Hollywood Boulevard where the stars tend to be in one way or another. What pride to see national faces shine throughout the world.


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