Judge rejects attempt by Minnesota parents to impose mask mandate on schools

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On Tuesday, District Judge Thomas Gilligan, whose jurisdiction is limited to Ramsey County, Minnesota, rejected an attempt by the entity’s parents to impose the mask mandate on schools in the territory.

Because it is important?: The debate went to the judicial plane. The Minnesota case is not unique. In other entities, such as Iowa and Florida, a recent court decision on the subject has also fueled the discussion about the measures to be applied by school districts.

  • According to Gilligan, the lawsuit did not have sufficient legal authority to ask Governor Tim Walz to implement the order.
  • The decision leaves it up to each school district to take its own actions to prevent the spread of the virus in the classroom.

What do they say?: “While this court is very concerned about the public health consequences of school districts failing to implement the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines regarding the use of masks, the judiciary cannot order a branch of the co-equal government to exercise its discretionary political judgment to implement a specific educational policy ”, dictates the order.

  • “We knew this would be a difficult case, especially at the trial court level, but it is extremely important,” said Marshall Tanick, attorney for the plaintiffs.
  • So far, the governor has not taken action on the issue, although a quick response is expected after the magistrate’s decision.

Main source of the news: The Hill


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