José Sacristán, on the proposals he receives to get into politics: “Before a nun than a politician”

Jose Sacristan chatted this Sunday with Nuria Roca in laSexta. Like many of the guests who take part in ‘The Rock’, the actor had no problem answering questions related to the world of politics during the interview, in which he recalled that a party has contacted him so that will become part of their ranks.

“You have always positioned yourself and have said out loud what you thought. I do not know if politics has called you at any time or if they have called you from politics,” Roca asked Sacristán, who responded bluntly: “Sometimes, but before being a nun than a politician”.

The interpreter explained that he has not made the leap into the world of politics because “It implies behaviors that I do not share”. “Due to professional deformation, there is a way of acting that seems embarrassing and abominable to me. It is a way of acting directed at the worst of the audience, the most ignoble of the audience,” he added.

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Sacristán assured that, from his point of view, this is where “the behavior of some politicians” comes from. “It seems to me that they are what they think their followers want”reflected the guest, something that “does not speak very well of us as a society.” “I think we should be more rigorous and critical of the people who manage or direct us. We would see the possibility of neutralizing certain insolent behaviors,” he stressed.

On the other hand, he showed his desire to achieve “mechanisms for debugging certain behaviors.” “It would be necessary to remove from the political scene a series of people who He has shown time and again that the only thing he knows is to provoke, insult and remove the worst in ourselves“, he finished.

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